The following vendors will be attending NARAM-60. We recommend that you purchase your high power needs on the opening weekend. For anything 54mm or larger, we recommend that you contact the Vendor in order that it can be delivered to you at NARAM.

Make sure to visit the vendors who are part of NARAM-60. More vendors will be added as they become available.


AeroTech & Quest will be attending NARAM-60 from Aug 3 to Aug 6. Representatives will be providing samples of some of our newest motors to attending members to use for demonstration flights.

Apogee will be bringing a selection of merchandise. We’ll be making a nightly run to our store. You can make a request one day, and pick it up on the field the next day.


Will be bringing motors up through K, If you would like an L motor or above please contact.


Will be bringing motors up to Aerotech G. Bring plenty of kits and even some ready to fly rockets.

Dynasoar specializes in limited production, R/C Rocket Boosted Glider kits. Dynasoar will have a selection of kits for sale as well as the 24mm AeroTech E-6 Single use motor, R/C hardware and E6 reload kits.


Moto-Joe is bringing the store for the opening NARAM weekend.