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Update July 11, 2018

Duration Model Returns—Most, if not all, N60 competitors have all been flying the NRC for the past year with no return rule of duration models. WARNING! NARAM is different. Read on and be prepared with enough models.

30.9.2 NARAM
Unless otherwise specified by the rules of the event, the competitor must return an entry to the officials after at least one of his/her qualified flights, except as specified per Rule 10.4 – Return of Inaccessible Models. Competitors failing to satisfy this requirement cannot place in an event, will receive flight points, except in an event where the score is the sum of several factors, in which case the flight must be scored as having a duration of zero.


Update July 10, 2018

Host Hotel Rooms—Due to a strong NAR Reunion and competitor response, there are no more rooms available in the NARAM block at the Host Hotel (Marriott) for Friday-Sun, Aug 1-10. As of July 10, 2018, you can call the Marriott and if they have any way to get you a room they will, at this time they are sold out.

Timing at NARAM—To help with man-power needs, duration timing is being done differently this year. Each range duty shift will provide ‘X’ number of timers, but they will not be used to form “timing teams”- they are individual timers. Each competitor will have only one range duty timer to time their duration flight. If a competitor wants a second timer, they will need to find that timer from amongst their fellow competitors in the prep’ area. Competitors will need to see that their second timer reports to the timing area at the appropriate moment, ready to time. A competitor’s timer may not be any individual that might pose a conflict of interest (Rule 7.7 and 30.2). Otherwise, per Rule 30.1, competitors may be timed by a single timer.

Altimeter Use at NARAM—If the altimeter(s) you will be using at NARAM requires a laptop to access flight data (ex: Adrel-BMP) it is the competitor’s’s responsibility to supply the laptop and support software. The NAR will not have any laptops available for downloading data from competitor altimeters.

NAR Payloads—There will not be any NAR spec’ payloads available for competitor use at NARAM. Please bring as many with you as it will take to fly the event. Payloads will be checked against the NAR specifications for minimum weight, length, and diameter at Check-in (Rule 22.3).

Radio Control (R/C) use at NARAM—The only aircraft allowed to fly using R/C at NARAM-60 are those that are rocket boosted. No R/C free flight/hand-launch, bungee launched, or electric propelled (including drones) aircraft may be flown. The site owner does not have AMA site insurance and NAR site insurance covers only aircraft that are rocket boosted.

ATV, Quad, Mountain Bike Use—There are site restrictions that limit the use of ATV’s, quads, and mountain bikes to only the members of SCORE (the host section) that have the special permit allowing them the use of any of these vehicles.

Deep Recovery—If you have a hand help GPS unit, BRING IT! It is highly inadvisable to perform deep recovery at this site without GPS assistance and given the differences between the GPS provided by cell phone manufacturers, it’s advised that you not rely on your cell phones GPS to find your way out of trouble.