NARAM-60 Contest Events

1/2 A Parachute Duration—TipsRules (page 23), Results

1/2 A Boost Glider Duration—Tips, Rules (page 25), Results

A Helicopter Duration—Tips, Rules (page 24), Results

A Payload Altitude—Tips, Rules (page 18), Approved Altimeter List, Results

A Steamer Duration—Tips, Rules (page 24), Results

C Eggloft Altitude—Tips, Rules (page 18), Approved Altimeter List, Results

B Cluster Altitude—Tips, Rules (page 20), Approved Altimeter List, Results

C SuperRoc Altitude—Tips, Rules (page 20), Approved Altimeter List, Results

Classic Model— Tips, Rules (page 36), Results

Sport Scale—Tips, Rules (page 30), Results

Research and Development—Research and Development entries must be submitted as a .PDF file to the NAR website at no later than two weeks prior to the opening of the contest. The deadline is July 20, 2018. Rules (page 40), Results

Flight demonstrations are usually made on Friday.  Showing a flight video during the oral presentation would be acceptable, too.

Meet Champions

National Champions



General Notes

Recent Update to Contest Motor List—Two Quest Aerospace Q-Jet model rocket motors have been recently contest certified (see the NAR S&T Combined Motor List for specifications). These motors will be eligible for contest use at NARAM 60. The motors include motors in the A and B impulse ranges with two delays for each:

  • Quest Q-Jet A3-4 and A3-6
  • Quest Q-Jet B4-4 and B4-6

Current Motor List—The CAR/NAR/Tripoli certified motor list can be found here.

Rules—NARAM-60 is being flown under US Model Rocket Sport Code rules. the USMRSC can be found here.

Current NRC Standings— Check out the National Scoreboard for standings in the race for National Champion!

Mission Points—For those events that use Mission Points in their scoring. Click here for the Mission Points Worksheet.  

Name Badges—All fliers must wear their name badges indication registration status and High Power certification level at all Rocketry Festival Events.

Pad Assignments—Pad assignments will be issued based on the order in which fliers clear safety check in with ready to fly models, and the order of availability of pads of the appropriate type. Assignments will be made only to unoccupied pads. Fliers with personal launching equipment at a busy pad have the option of moving their equipment to an unoccupied pad, or waiting until the pad with their equipment is dree. No stacking or pre-allocated flight cards for a particular pad will be allowed.

Misfires—Misfires that can be corrected with a spare igniter at the pad will be permitted to recycle without returning to Pad Assignment. The flight card will be removed from the ready to fly queue and re-entered when the flier signals readiness. If the flier must leave the flight area to correct a misfire, the flight card will be returned to Pad Assignment.

Range Duty—All flyers are subject to being required to perform some form of Range Operations Duty on a “Fair Share” basis, based on any preference they indicate at registration and on the needs of the event. The Event Director may suspend flying privileges for participants that refuse, are late or do not show up for their assigned duties.

Contest Judges and NAR members directly involved with the Operation of the Festival Week on a continuous basis are not involved in Range Duty.

  • Range Duty consists of a two hour shift each day on the field to cover the operation of the Festival or NARAM 59 events.
  • Range Duty shifts rotate their schedule through out the Festival Week.
  • Your Range Duty will be clearly  assigned with a schedule in your Contest Packet.

Blast Deflectors—All flyer provided launch devices must include an adequate blast deflector that prevents motor exhaust from directly impacting the ground.

Flying Rockets—There will be two ranges set up for rocket activity: The Contest Range and the Sport Flying Range.  These will be the only areas from which rockets may be launched. Competition flights will be flown only from the competition range. Practice flights for competition models may be made from the Sport Range.

Range Closing—Check-In for each event will close 10 minutes prior to the end time for that event. The Pad assignment queue will close 5 minutes prior to the end time for that event. After the close of an event, all flights will be processed out of the assignment queue through a single launch attempt. Misfires on the pad after event close will not be granted additional launch attempts.

Returns—For events requiring a returned model, that return must be made within 120 minutes from the end (close) of that event. Late returns may be made at the field or at the Hotel. Late returns may also be called into the CD.

Rule 10.4- Return of Inaccessible Models— Rule 10.4 does NOT apply payload events including Egg Lofting. Payload and Egg Lofting Events all require return of the model and its payload or egg for inspection. With regards to to all other events where 10.4 does apply, the CD will not enter any property marked with No Trespassing signs. However, if the model can be seen from outside the No Trespassing boundary with or without the use of binoculars, the CD can make a ruling.”

Use of Radio Control: Due to site owner insurance being through the NAR only, the use of radio control (R/C) at NARAM-60 is strictly limited to rocket-boosted R/C aircraft. The flying of any other form of R/C aircraft is prohibited. Being a current member of the AMA (which provides members with its own insurance protection) does not exempt you from this site owner R/C restriction.

NARAM-60 Contest Attendees

Current as of July 12, 2018

Sarah Alexander

Michala Alexander

Scott Alexander

Jennifer Ash

Letisha Ayala

Arthur Barber

James Basler

Thomas Beach

Rickey Bier

Randy Boadway

Matthew Bond

James Brower

John Buckley

Stephanie Bullock

Subhasanie Bullock

Steve Bullock

Mark Bundick

Bernard Cawley

Edward Chess

Vincent Chichak

Mark Chrumka

Peter Cook

Gary Crowell

Elizabeth Dall

Bill Dauphin

Tom Disch

Timothy Doll

Katy Estrada

James Filler

Pat Fitzpatrick

Pat Fitzpatrick

Chris Flanigan

Stephen Foster

Keith Frazier

Roy Frazier

George Gassaway

Melvin Gray

Paul Gray

Douglas Guthals

Brian Guzek

Sean Guzek

Joyce Guzik

Chris Halinaty

Mark Halinaty

Steve Humphrey

David Hutchinson

Garth Illerbrun

Matthew Johnson

Alex Juchems

Matthew Juchems

Geoffrey Kerbel

Chris Kidwell

Ray King

Gerald McDermott

Marc McReynolds

Hans Michielssen

Evan Nau

Charles Olds

Lenora Olds

Thomas Pastrick

Leon Pond

Leon Pond

Saverio Prato

Paco Rich

Vern Richardson

Chad Ring

Robert Robinson

Charles Russell

Rod Schafer

Lila Schmaker

Bruce Shay

Shimeeka Stanley

Taras Tataryn

Barbara Tobin

Terrance White

Daniel Winings

Mark Wise

Daniel Wolf

Acevedo Xandria

Rebecca Zurek

Robert Zurek

NARAM-60 Contest Range


NAR Contest Range
There will be two ranges set up for rocket activity: The Contest Range and the Sport/High Power Range.  These will be the only areas from which rockets may be launched. Competition flights will be flown only from the competition range. Practice flights for competition models may be made from the Sport/High Power Range.

FAI Contest Range
There is no FAI Contest Range this year. FAI team members are currently competing at the FAI World Cup, which is being flown in Wyoclawek, Poland.