Rocketeer Reunion

The NAR is celebrating its 60th anniversary by holding a special Rocketeer Reunion event on Saturday, August 4, from 5 PM to 10PM at the NARAM-60 host hotel.  This Reunion is not just for those who were part of the NAR’s early years to get together and exchange reminiscences, it is also an opportunity for today’s rocketeers to meet and hear those stories from people whom they may only know only from books, articles, and tribal legends.  There is no NAR number cutoff for this reunion – everyone is welcome, because we want the current NAR generation to meet the NAR’s first generation.  If you have contact with others who were part of the NAR’s early years, but may not be in the NAR today, please urge them to come to Pueblo and be part of this!

The evening will be a stand-up reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, and lots of socializing.  Halfway through the evening of socializing there will be a few presentations and remarks, including reminiscences by Vern Estes, Lee Piester, and Bill Stine and an update by Geoff Nunn, the Museum of Flight’s Adjunct Curator of Space History.  Geoff will speak  on the massive professional archiving project now underway (thanks to NAR member donations) at this famous Seattle museum as they assimilate and fully catalog the huge G. Harry Stine collection and the Estes and Piester collections that have been donated to them in the past several years.

Vern and Gleda Estes, Lee and Betty Piester, Bill and Lisa Stine (and Connie and Ellie), and Jay Apt will be at the Reunion, so should you!  You do not have to register for NARAM to be part of the Reunion.  The registration cost of $50 covers the cost of the food and facility.  Junior NAR members will be admitted free with their current NAR card.  Online registration closed on July 20, but there are 5 spaces left for walk-ins — send a note if you are interested.

If you have questions about the Reunion, contact Trip Barber, NAR 4322 at <>





Reunion Attendee List (As of 7.3.18)

Tobler Abbey

Emelia Abbey

Mathew Abbey

Scott Alexander

Michele Alexander

Michala Alexander

Sarah Alexander

Jay Apt

Pat Artis

Jennifer Ash

Doug Ball

Trip Barber

James W. Basler

Thomas Beach

Bernard Biales

Frank Bittinger

Randy Boadway

Dane Boles

Matthew Bond

John Boren

Martin Bowitz

Ryan Bowman

Jim Brower

John Buckley

Jackie Buckley

Mark B. Bundick

Barbara Bundick

Manning Butterworth

Chris Butterworth

Todd Carpenter

Bernard Cawley

John Chatham

Barbara Chatham

Edward Chess

Mariann Chess

Vincent Chichak

Mark Chrumka

Ted Cochran

Steve Coker

Dave Cook

Peter W. Cook

Bill Dauphin

Lee Dexter

Tim Doll

Charles Duelfer

John Dyer

Vern Estes

Gleda Estes

Max I. Exline

Robert M. Farrar III

Jim Filler

Pat Fitzpatrick

George Flynn

Steve Foster

Keith Frazier

Doug Frost

Roland Gabeler

George Gassaway

Kathleen Gatliffe

Betty Estes Geer

Ronald Goforth

Roy Green

Doug Guthals

Joyce Ann Guzik

Paul Hans

Mike Hellmund

James Helman

Rhonda Helman

Robb Hermes

Craig Hilton

Jeffrey JOE Hinton

John Hochheimer

Martin Huber

Vinson Huegele

Dave Hutchinson

Garth Illerbrun

Jeff Jenkins

Matt Johnson

Mark Johnson

Bonnie Johnson

Alex Juchems

Bob Justis

Gail Kane

Bob Kaplow

Judy Kaplow

Geoffrey Kerbel

Chris Kidwell

Michael Konshak

Steve Kranish

Jim Kukowski

Doug Kushnerick

John Labrecque

Wini Fehskens Labrecque

Ed LaCroix

Ellis Langford

Duane Lanterman

Scott P. Layne

Terry Lee

Dave Lewicki

Larry London

Stephen Lubliner

Denis Lufkin

Tom Lyon

John Lyngdal

Greg Lyzenga

Will Marchant

Carol Marple

George Masek

Ellie Stine Masek

Michael Maurer

Ron McClaren

Buzz McDermott

Gerald Meux, Jr.

Carol Meyers

Hans Chris Michielssen

Tom Milkie

Linda Milkie

Ed Mitton

Buzz Nau

George Pantalos

Bob Parks

Tom Pastrick

Lee Piester

Betty Piester

Tim Pimentel

Jim Pommert

Leon Pond

Saverio Prato

Lucy Prato

Anthony Probst

George Rachor Jr.

Jonathan Rains

Keith Ravenstein

Randall Redd

Cathy Redd

Lee Reep

Debi Reep

Larry Renger

Chad Ring

Mary Roberts

Robert Robinson

Ron Romero

Paulette Romero

Gary Rosenfield

Steve Rosenstein

Chas Russell

Bill Saindon

Mary Ann Saindon

Ernie Sanelli

Carol Sanelli

Steve Saner

Bob Sanford

Rod Schafer

Lila Schmaker

Todd Schweim

Pam Shay

Bruce Shay

Fred Shecter

Philip Slaymaker

Bill Stine

Lisa Stine

Connie Stine

Kevin Stumpe

Marie Stumpe

Taras Tataryn

Jeff Taylor

CD Tavares

Lynn  Thomas

Carl Turse

George Wagner

Dorothy Wagner

Brad Walters

Ben Whitfield

Rick Whitman

Roger Wilfong

Grace Wilfong

Dan Winings

Mark Wise

Paul R. Wolaver

Ron Wright

Guppy Youngren

Becky Zurek

Bob Zurek