The following vendors will be attending NARAM-61. We recommend that you purchase your high power needs on the opening weekend. For anything 54mm or larger, we recommend that you contact the Vendor in order that it can be delivered to you at NARAM.

Make sure to visit the vendors who are part of NARAM-61. More vendors will be added as they become available.


Aerospace Speciality Products—Supporting awards for Scale


AeroTech Consumer Aerospace–Supporting awards for C Eggloft Altitude and E Altitude


Apogee Components–Supporting Awards for 1/4A Helicopter Duration


Balsa Machining Service–Supporting Awards for B Payload Altitude


Custom Rockets–Supporting prize drawings


Chris' Rocket Supplies, LLC - Chris' Rocket Supplies, LLC

Chris’ Rocket Supplies–Supporting prize drawings


Estes Industries—Supporting the National Champion Awards and the Alpha Challenge


Impulse Buys—Supporting prize drawings


Jolly Logic—Supporting prize drawings


Merlin Missile Solutions—Supporting prize drawings


Quest Aerospace–Supporting Fly It/Take It


Pemberton Technologies–Supporting prize drawings


North Coast Rocketry

North Coast Rocketry—Supporting Awards for 1/4 A Parachute Duration and prize drawings