NARAM Events/Results

1/4 A Parachute Duration—Tips, Rules (page 23), Results

1/4A Helicopter Duration—Tips, Rules (page 24), Results

A Boost Glider Duration—Tips, Rules (page 25), Results

B Eggloft Duration—Tips, Rules (page 27), Results

B Payload Altitude—Tips, Rules (page 18), Approved Altimeter List, Results

C Eggloft Altitude—Tips, Rules (page 18), Approved Altimeter List, Results

C Rocket Glider Multi round—Tips, Rules (page 26), Approved Altimeter List, Results

E Altitude—Tips, Rules (page 17), Approved Altimeter List, Results

Scale—Tips, Rules (page 32), Results

Research and Development—Research and Development entries must be submitted as a .PDF file to the NAR website at no later than two weeks prior to the opening of the contest. The deadline is July 12, 2018. Rules (page 40),  Results

Flight demonstrations are usually made on Friday.  Showing a flight video during the oral presentation would be acceptable, too.

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National Champions