The International Aeromodeling Center is located about 4 miles east-southeast of Muncie, Indiana. Muncie is about 75 miles northeast of Indianapolis International Airport. The IAC address is 5161 E Memorial Dr., Muncie, IN 47302. The NARAM launch site will be at what is known as Flying Site 3 on the grounds of the IAC.








Click here for detailed map to the NARAM launch site.

Contest Range Launch Site coordinates:
40.165921º, -85.319259º, or
40°09.95526′, -085°19.15554′


Site Description- Fly rockets large and small at the sport range. The contest and sport range are situated on a LARGE grass area known as Flying Site 3 which is part of the even larger, 1,000 acre grass covered grounds that make up the IAC! Sport and high power flying will commence on 27 July and run though the entire event. The IAC supports all sizes of model rockets and high power rockets through K-impulse with an 6,000’ waiver.