United States Model Rocket Performance Records

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14.1 Eligibility
Performance records may be set at any sanctioned launch, in any event and motor class, unless judging is required, or a limited score is the goal. For example, performance records may be set in Altitude or Parachute Duration, but not in Scale Altitude, Spot Landing, or Precision Payload. Proxy entries are not eligible for performance records per Rule 8.5 – Proxy.
14.2 Categories
Performance records must be awarded separately for each competition division. Within each competition division, separate performance records must be awarded for:
14.2.1 Radio Control
Entries using radio control to provide active guidance per Rule 9.11 -Radio Control.
14.2.2 Free Flight
All entries that are not radio-controlled.
14.3 Return
The entry must be returned to ensure compliance with all rules for the event. Rule 10.4 – Return of Inaccessible Models does not apply.
14.4 Surpassing
Attempts to surpass an existing performance record must exceed the current value.
14.5 Submission
The Contest Director must review all flight results to determine if any new performance records were set. If so, the flight card and competitor entry form must be sent to the NAR Records Subcommittee for review. Individual competitors may also submit copies of their flight card(s) and entry form, provided the Contest Director signs the forms.

The submitted data must include the following items:

  • Competitor’s name
  • Division
  • Event and motor class
  • Date
  • New record value
  • Altimeter make and model (if used)
  • Altimeter data file
  • Motor manufacturer and designation
14.6 Certification
The NAR Records Subcommittee may request any additional substantiating data it deems necessary to certify a new record. The NAR Records Subcommittee has the right to disallow any record claim, regardless of the data submitted, if the record attempt is found to have been made unfairly or falsely reported.