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11.1 Scope
Due to flight characteristics, an entry may be disqualified for a specific flight, however, it is not necessarily disqualified for the entire event.
11.2 Safety Related
Any entry that in the opinion of the Range Safety Officer was not considered safe in operation may be disqualified. In no case, may any official override a safety ruling of the RSO.
11.3 Non-Safety Related
The Range Safety Officer and/or contest officials may disqualify any entry that does not comply with the Sporting Code.
11.4 Scoring
In the event of a disqualification, a flight shall be scored as zero (0) in the case of events where an entry’s total score is the result of the sum of the performance of two or more flights. This rule may be superseded by the rules of a specific event. A disqualified flight may not be considered as a return in any event where a return is required.
11.5 Catastrophic Failure
A model rocket experiencing a catastrophic failure (CATO) shall not be disqualified. The flight may or may not be considered an official flight if the Range Safety Officer rules the entry performed a safe and stable flight and complied with the competition rules (e.g., a glider glided).
11.5.1 Unofficial Flight
The competitor will in this situation have the option of having such a flight ruled as either official or unofficial. If the entry did not meet these requirements, then it must be ruled an unofficial flight.
11.5.2 Rejection
The competitor must inform the applicable contest official of his/her decision to accept or reject the flight as an official flight prior to any subsequent flight by the competitor in that event. The competitor must be permitted to substitute another entry. In the case of craftsmanship events; the substitute must be of the same prototype and scale as the original, and it is not required to exhibit the craftsmanship and detail of the original.
11.6 Recording Data
An entry that has been disqualified shall have its performance data recorded even though the flight may not at that time be considered official. In the event an entry’s disqualification is reversed, the entry’s performance data shall be considered official.
11.7 Correctable Conditions
Disqualifications for static conditions of an entry are not permitted and the competitor shall correct the condition prior to the official flight. If the contest officials do not discover a condition until during or after the flight is made, such as flying with the wrong motor type, the flight will not be considered official.