Contest Officials

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7.1 Contest Director
A Contest Director shall be a member of the NAR, at least eighteen (18) years of age or older. He/she shall apply for contest sanction; be responsible for all contest material; ensure that the competition is arranged and functions in accordance with the Sporting Code, and report the results of the competition to the Contest Board. The Contest Director appoints range crew.
7.2 Range Safety Officer
A Range Safety Officer (RSO), who is a NAR member and is eighteen (18) years of age or older, shall preside over application of the rules, safety, and launch range operations in accordance with the Sporting Code. In no case, may the Contest Director or any other official override a safety ruling of the RSO. The duties of the Range Safety Officer and the Contest Director may be combined.
7.3 Safety Check Officer
The Contest Director may appoint a NAR member to be a Safety Check Officer. The Safety Check Officer must be qualified to rule in accordance with the United States Model Rocket Sporting Code.
7.4 NARAM Judges
The Contest Director shall appoint teams of judges for any event requiring static judging (e.g., Scale, Plastic Model Conversion). At least one member of each team of judges must be a member of the NAR at least eighteen (18) years of age or older. Non-NAR member judges are allowed.
7.5 Trackers and Timers
The Contest Director may appoint any capable person as a tracker or timer. Any glasses or aids necessary for that person to have normal vision must be worn. Any person not having correctable vision (e.g., cannot obtain a driver’s license due to vision) is not eligible to time or track.
7.6 Conduct
A contest official considered by any member of the Contest Board, Board of Trustees, or other contest official to be impaired by alcohol or drugs, or demonstrating poor sportsmanship will be removed from his/her position and may be expelled from the meet.
7.7 Conflict
No competitor may serve as a contest official where he/she would rule on his/her own contest entry.