Provisional Competition

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15.1 Author
Any NAR member or section may author a new event concept.
15.2 Standards
New event concepts submitted to the NAR Contest Board for consideration must meet the standards of the Safety Code. In addition, they should be designed so that they can be flown at sanctioned launches.
15.3 Form
Rules for new event concepts must be formatted as for any established event in the Sporting Code.
15.4 Postal Competition
New event concepts must be tested for merit using a postal competition format. Postal competition requires the following:

  • Event rules are distributed electronically at
  • There must be no less than a 60-day competition window for flying any new event concept and it must start no less than 30 days from rule distribution or announcement.
  • Upon close of the competition window, results must be published electronically on no more than 14 days after close of the competition window.
  • There will be no less than two competition windows for a new event concept.
15.5 Improvement
During postal competition, NAR members and sections are encouraged to suggest rule changes for the purpose of testing the event for suitability before submission. Competitors are encouraged to suggest changes that may eliminate loopholes or make the event more interesting.
15.6 Submission
New event concepts must be submitted to the NAR Contest Board Chair in electronic form, including rules and all postal competition results and member feedback.
15.7 Adoption
For a new event concept to be adopted, it must meet the requirements of Rules 15.2 – Standards, and 15.3 – Form. The Contest Board must vote to accept or reject the submission for inclusion in the next Sporting Code revision. Results of the vote must appear in both the E-Rocketeer and no more than 90 days after date of submission.
15.8 NARAM
A new event concept may not be included at NARAM until it has qualified under Rule 15.7 – Adoption, except by a special ruling of the NAR Contest Board.