Sanctioned Competition

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6.1 NAR Contest Board
The NAR Contest Board will sanction competition to be conducted in accordance with the rules set forth in the United States Model Rocket Sporting Code.
6.2 Sanction
Application for sanction of an NRC launch or Record Trial must be made to the NAR Regional Contest Board at least 48 hours in advance of the start time of the launch. Sections and individuals are encouraged to schedule NRC launches earlier whenever possible. Application for a launch sanction shall be made electronically at An NAR member eighteen (18) years of age or older, who will serve as the Contest Director, must submit the application. All NAR sanctioned launches will be automatically posted to the NAR Launch Calendar on
6.3 Contest Year
6.3.1 The Contest Year
Begins the day after NARAM concludes and ends on the last day of NARAM of the following year.
6.3.2 NRC Year and Qualification Flying
Begins the day after NARAM concludes and ends on June 30 of the following year.
6.4 Classes
6.4.1 National Rocketry Competition
The National Rocketry Competition (NRC) shall be a competition in which individuals and teams qualify to compete at the National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet (NARAM) for Event Specialist Award (ESA) and National and Reserve Champion awards.
6.4.2 NARAM – NAR Annual Meet
NARAM shall be held each year. NARAM will be held at a time and place and with entry requirements determined by the NAR Contest Board.
6.4.3 Record Trial
A Record Trial is conducted for the purpose of providing members an opportunity to establish or surpass official United States model rocket performance records. Any number or combination of events may be flown. The sanction form shall include any limitations for that Record Trial, e.g. altimeter only altitude, field or motor limitations. In a Record Trial, an NAR member duly entered in the meet may have as many opportunities as time and weather permit to make a record attempt.
6.5 Time
All NRC launches and Record Trials shall be scheduled to operate over no more than three consecutive days, or except as stated in Rule 6.6 – Suspending Competition. NARAM shall be the number of days specified by the NAR Contest Board.
6.6 Suspending Competition
An NRC or NARAM Contest Director may suspend competition for reasons of safety (i.e., threatening weather/lightning).
6.7 Results
The NAR member who serves as the Contest Director for a sanctioned launch shall forward a Contest Manager file of the results to the NAR Regional Contest Board within seven (7) days following completion of the launch. If an unusual question arises, the Contest Director may request a ruling on the matter from the NAR Contest Board. In this case, the Contest Director should make every effort to include complete and impartial details on the situation.
6.8 Rejection
The NAR Contest Board may refuse to accept the results if evidence is presented that the sanctioned launch was not conducted within the scope or intent of the United States Model Rocket Sporting Code.
6.9 Deadline
The NRC Scoreboard results shall be made final by the Contest Board and shall be posted on at least fourteen days prior to the opening day of NARAM.
6.10 Advisory Rulings
In cases where a competitor is uncertain of the application of a rule contained in the United States Model Rocket Sporting Code, he/she may ask for a ruling by the Regional Contest Board Chairman. The Regional Contest Board Chairman may rule or pass the request to the National Contest Board Chairman. This process should proceed in a timely manner to allow competitor’s time to react to the ruling.