Disputes and Protests

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12.1 National Rocketry Competition (NRC) Disputes
In the event of a dispute at an NRC sanctioned launch, the competitor shall inform his/her Regional Contest Board Chairman of the dispute for resolution. The Regional Contest Board Chairman must render a decision within three (3) days.
12.2 NARAM Protests
RSO decisions related to safety cannot be protested by a competitor or team, or overridden by the Contest Director or Contest Board per Rule 7.2 – Range Safety Officer.
12.2.1 Filing a Protest
A protest shall be a written report detailing an action or decision in question and shall include the names of any competitors and/or officials involved. A protest will be considered only when a competitor or team delivers the protest in writing and accompanied by $20.00 cash, to the Contest Director, a member of the Contest Board or its representative.
12.2.2 Protest Fee
Filing a protest shall cost the competitor or team $20.00 cash. If the protest is upheld, the protest fee must be returned to the competitor. If the protest is denied, the protest fee must accompany the contest results and be forwarded to the NAR Contest Board Chairman.
12.2.3 The Ruling Body
A minimum of three members of the Contest Board shall decide protests. All sides of a protest shall have the right to be heard by members of the NAR Contest Board. No Contest Board member may rule or vote on a decision that could alter the award of contest points to his/her own entry. All decisions of the Contest Board are final.
12.2.4 Time
The Contest Board shall give to the Contest Director and all parties involved in a protest, a written statement of their decision within 24 hours of the protest’s delivery to the Contest Director, a member of the Contest Board, or its representative. If a protest occurs on the last day of the contest, a decision shall be rendered by the end of the day.
12.2.5 Final Contest Results
The Contest Board’s protest ruling must be included with the contest results.