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8.1 Entering Competition
All competitors entering model rockets and competing in NAR sanctioned competition must be members of the NAR in good standing. The Contest Director or his/her designee may ask competitors for verification of their NAR Sporting License. Newly joined NAR members who have not yet received their NAR Sporting License and wish to compete in sanctioned competition shall be recorded as pending.
8.2 Conduct
The Contest Director may disqualify any competitor from an event or from the entire meet on the grounds of failure to practice or observe reasonable safety measures, published or otherwise; for poor sportsmanship; for failure to abide by the orders of the Range Safety Officer or contest officials; whose ability to safely fly model rockets is, in the opinion of the Contest Director or Range Safety Officer, impaired by alcohol or drugs.
8.3 Competition Divisions
The Competition Divisions are as given in the following schedule:

A Division Individuals and Teams, ages 0 – 14
B Division Individuals and Teams, ages 15 – 22
C Division Individuals ages 23 years old and older
D Division Teams ages 23 years old and older
The division in which an NAR member will compete during a Contest Year is determined by the member’s age/status as of the start of the Contest Year.
NAR members may compete individually and/or as a member of a team in accordance with Rule 8.4.1.
Teams must compete in the division of the oldest member.
8.4 Teams
Two or more NAR members may enter competition as a team. Teams must be registered with the NAR Contest Board. Membership of a team cannot be changed during the Contest Year. Such a change must be registered as a different team. Team entries shall be prepared for flight by one or more members of the team, except if they are to be proxy-flown under the provisions of Rule 8.5 – Proxy. Entry blanks must contain the name and the number of the team. Any records established are credited to the team.
8.4.1 Restrictions
No NAR member may enter a sanctioned launch as both an individual and as a team member. No NAR member may enter a sanctioned launch as a member of more than one team. Neither of these restrictions applies at a Record Trial.
8.5 Proxy
A competitor entered in sanctioned competition may have an entry proxy-flown by an NAR member of the same or younger competition division.
8.5.1 Restrictions
Proxy flights are NOT allowed when flying:

  • Radio controlled models
  • Spot Landing events

Proxy flights are NOT allowed when flying for:

  • Event Specialist Awards
  • National Championship Awards
  • United States Model Rocket Performance Records
8.5.2 Official Duties
Competitors having official duties at the contest may have entries proxy-flown for them.
8.6 Section Competition
Section competition is open to all NRC competitors who belong to an NAR section. All NAR sections may compete for both the NRC and the NAR section Championship.
8.6.1 Section Affiliation
Competitors must decide prior to their first NRC launch of the contest year if they will be competing for a NAR section. Section affiliation cannot be changed after the competitor’s/team’s first NRC launch of the contest year in which the competitor/team makes an  official flight. Individual Competitors
For individual competitors, your section affiliation is declared in “Section 1” of your NAR member profile (see example below.) Teams
A team’s section affiliation is declared when a team registers on the Team Registration page of the NAR website.