Contest Rules

Events. Events will include the six NRC events this year plus three of the NARAM events:

R&D will not be included.

Schedule. Flights may be flown from 10-Jul-2020 to 23-Aug-2020. Final results and awards will be announced on Wednesday, 26-Aug-2020.

Divisions. All competition divisions will be flown – A, B, C, and D (Team).  Divisions will be flown separately and will not be combined.

Rules. Flights must comply with the current United States Model Rocket Sporting Code (except as noted) and the NAR Model Rocket Safety Code .

Motors. Flights must use NAR contest-approved motor(s) .

Official Flights. Flights will follow the NRC methodology. You are allowed two flights per event at a launch. Multiple launches are permitted. Launches for the postal contest do not need to be registered as NRC launches.

Duration. You may time your own model. Standard timing rules apply (not NRC maxes) except that duration flights do not need to be returned.

Altimeters. You may process your own altimeter results. Contest-approved altimeters shall be used.  See:

Sport Scale. Points will be awarded for Static Judging and Flight Characteristics in the spirit of Rule 51, as adapted for a postal contest. See the Sport Scale Appendix below for more details.

Eligibility. Participants must be NAR members.

Flight Data Submission. The following data for official flights must be submitted via email (to before 24-Aug-2020 2400 PST:

  • Name and NAR number of flyer
  • Date and launch site location
  • Motor(s) used
  • For duration events, report the duration of each flight (not the sum of two flights)
  • For altitude events, report the raw altitude reported by the altimeter, the altimeter type, and the temperature. During data entry, we will adjust the altitude for temperature effects per 20.2.3.
  • For C SuperRoc Altitude, include the length of the model
  • For Sport Scale, documentation of the prototype and model, and any Mission points for flight. A flight photo is appreciated but not required.

Contestants are encouraged to report results ASAP after official flights.

Results. Results will be posted to the Virtual NARAM postal contest web site as they are received.

Awards. There will be monetary awards for each event:

  • 1st place – Grant ($50)
  • 2nd place – Jackson ($20)
  • 3rd place – Hamilton ($10)
  • 4th place – Lincoln ($5)

Final results and awards will be announced on Wednesday, 26-Aug-2020.

Contest Directors. Don Carson ( and Chris Flanigan ( will be the contest directors for this postal contest. Contact them regarding questions or suggestions about this contest.

Disclaimer.  This “Virtual NARAM Postal Contest” is not an official NAR contest event.  It’s just a fun event to help practice our competition skills.

NRC Flights.  Any NRC flights made at a registered NRC launch during this postal contest are fully eligible to be reported via the NRC portal on the NAR website and will count toward NRC standings on the scoreboard. You must enter your data yourself to the NRC portal (the postal contest will not do this). If your NRC flights potentially set a new record, coordinate with your regional Contest Board chairman and see the online form

Appendix – Sport Scale

Points will be awarded for Static Judging and Flight Characteristics in the spirit of Rule 51, as adapted for a postal contest.

Static Judging (51.12):

  • Electronically submit a data packet for the prototype. Include drawings (dimensions not required) and photographs documenting the vehicle shape/outline, colors, markings, and details.
  • For the initial judging “from a distance of at least one meter from the model”, the contestant shall submit two or more photos showing both the front and the back of the overall completed model. Be sure that the exterior of the model is in flight condition (any clear plastic fins installed, etc.).
  • For “close examination for craftsmanship”, the contestant shall submit two or more close up photos that document workmanship and any detailing. Additional photos are encouraged since the model will only receive points in a category to the extent there is supporting photographic documentation.
  • Data packets and photos of models can be electronically submitted via Dropbox or email.
    • Dropbox.  Dropbox is more efficient. To submit files via Dropbox, send an email to Chris Flanigan ( requesting a Dropbox link. You’ll receive an email with the link to your competitor-unique folder. You can then upload your documents directly to Dropbox. You’ll receive an email notification when your files have transferred successfully.
    • Email.  If you prefer to send your data via email attachments, please use compressed file formats (.jpg, .pdf) when feasible. If you have many files to send, do this via multiple emails rather than trying to attach many large files to a single email.

Flight Characteristics (51.13):

  • The model must make a safe, qualified flight. 100 points will be awarded for “General Flight” (51.13.2) if the model makes a qualified flight. Photos or videos of the flight are welcome but not required.
  • Due to the limitations of a postal contest, Mission points (51.13.1) will be limited to the following:
    Clustering – per the clustering table in the Mission Points Worksheet (see below)
    Staging – 25 points per additional ignited stage
    Jettison – 15 points for jettisoned assemblies (must comply with Safety Code)
    Gliding – 50 points for successful gliding recovery