Last updated: 21-Jul-2020


Is this a part of the NAR’s National Rocketry Competition (NRC)?

No, this is an unofficial, just-for-fun, informal postal contest.  With cash prizes!

What is a postal contest? Do I have to mail my rockets to you?

A postal contest is an event where the participants all fly by the same rules wherever it is convenient and during a specified time period. They send the results in, and everybody’s scores are tallied up. In the olden days, results were mailed in, hence the “postal” part.

How do I register?

Simple! All you have to do is send an email to Don Carson (fulldec2001@yahoo.com) and/or Chris Flanigan (ccflanigan@alum.mit.edu) and include your NAR number.

Do I have to be an NAR member to participate?


How much does it cost?

$0.  Like, totally free.

Where can I fly in this contest?

Anywhere you are allowed to fly your model rockets.

Can I fly an event multiple times to improve my score?

Absolutely! But remember your score is like any regular NAR competition score: Duration is the sum of your two flight attempts at a given launch; altitude is the better of your two flight attempts, etc. You cannot, for instance, “cherry pick” your best flight from one day and add it to your best flight from some other day.

Which altimeters can I use for altitude flights?

You may use any NAR contest-approved altimeter (click here for the complete list). Popular altimeters for competition include the PerfectFlite Firefly, Adrel BMP, and Altus Metrum MicroPeak.

Can I enter both as a Team and as an individual?

No.  You can fly as an individual, or as a Team, but not both.  You’ll need to select your entry status (individual or Team) prior to submitting your first flight results.

Where do I send my results?

Email them to Chris Flanigan (ccflanigan@alum.mit.edu). See the “Rules” page (link) for what data to send.

I can’t wait to see if my score is still on top! Can I be notified when the Virtual NARAM results are updated?

There are web services that will automatically send you an email when a webpage changes. One such service is Visualping (https://visualping.io/). This service is free for up to two webpages. For Virtual NARAM, create a tracker for the “Contest Results” page (https://www.nar.org/site/virtual-naram/results/). You’ll receive an email each day that the contest results are updated. Note: don’t change the notification to check the website every five minutes, or you will use up the free service “quota” in about a day (DAMHIKT).

If I fly at a sanctioned NRC launch, can those flights count for the Virtual NARAM?

Sure! But you will have to send your results to Chris Flanigan. The person running the NRC event won’t be doing it automatically.

Are there any awards?

Yes! There will be cash awards ($) for each event for A, B, C, and Team Divisions.

  • 1st place – Grant ($50)
  • 2nd place – Jackson ($20)
  • 3rd place – Hamilton ($10)
  • 4th place – Lincoln ($5)

So, what is this Best Midwest Qualified Flight (BMQF) award?

This is an award given to a, not always qualified, flight attempt at NARAM. A winning entry is usually a genuine contest entry that somehow doesn’t go according to plan. Sometimes they result in a humorous ending or some kind or ironic or poetic ending. Since our judge cannot be present at every launch for our Virtual NARAM, we have to rely on you so submit nominations. This is a lighthearted award, and it might help to have a witness describe the occurrence in a “roasting” style. Nominations can take most any form, though a write up accompanied by pics or video is what we anticipate. The selection of the award is purely subjective and final. See this link for a quick, entertaining description of the origin and history of this celebrated award.

Can I register after flying starts (July 10)?

Yes, you can register and start flying anytime up the end of the launch window.  But we’d love to hear now if you’re thinking about participating, to get a feel for the level of interest.

Will A Division and/or B Division be combined into C Division?

No. Each division will be flown separately and will not be combined into other divisions.

Where do I send my Sport Scale Data?

The documentation packet and photos of your model may be sent via Dropbox or email. See the “Sport Scale Appendix” on the Contest Rules page for more information.