NARAM-62 has been postponed to 2021 due to COVID 19. While we won’t be able to get together in person this year, we can “virtually” get together via a postal contest! This unofficial event will provide a fun opportunity to practice our competition skills on the events that will be held at NARAM next year.

Flights may be flown from 10-Jul-2020 to 23-Aug-2020. The following events will be flown:

  • 1/2A B/G (NRC)
  • 1/2A Helicopter (NRC)
  • 1/2A Parachute Duration (NRC)
  • 1/2A Streamer Duration (NRC)
  • 1/2A Altitude (altimeter) (NRC)
  • B Payload Altitude (altimeter) (NRC)
  • 1/2A Flexwing Duration
  • C SuperRoc Altitude (altimeter) (note: downgraded from D SRA to accommodate smaller fields)
  • Sport Scale

See the “Contest Rules” page for more information on the postal contest.

We will plan to have some of the traditional NARAM events including the Manufacturers Forum, NAR Town Hall meeting, and Best Midwest Qualified Flight.  More details will be announced as available.

For more information, contact Don Carson ( or Chris Flanigan (