Saturday – February 25th


Breakout group topics & speakers as presented.  Presentations for many are available by clicking on the link at the group’s title.

7:00 am Registration Opens:
In the Crowne Plaza Hotel’s Conference Center
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
Track: TARC Rocketry Professional Rocketry & Spaceflight Model Rocketry  High Power Rocketry
9:00 am 3D Printing Parts for Rockets— Doug Cullen NASA Sounding Rocket Worldwide Launch Operations— Phil Eberspeaker, NASA Wallops Sounding Rocket Manager The Stine and Desind Collections at the Smithsonian— Brian Nicklas, Smithsonian Archivist High Power Rocketry Safety— Trip Barber
9:50 am Break Break Break Break
10:00 am Altimeter Design and Operation — Dan Wolf Air-launching NASA Satellites from the South Pacific— Will Marchant, UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab Making Lightweight Fiberglass Bodies for Competition Rockets— Tim VanMilligan Dual-deployment Systems & Techniques— Ben Russell
10:50 am Break Break Break Break
11:00 am Finishing and Painting Rockets— Carl Curling James Webb Space Telescope— Charlie Atkinson, Deputy Program Manager for JWST at Northrop Grumman 2016 World Spacemodeling Championships— John Langford, U.S. Team Manager Flying HPR in Australia— Adam Martin
11:50 am Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:00 pm Applying RockSim to TARC Rockets— Tim VanMilligan NASA Sounding Rocket Program— Dr. Dan Moses, NASA HQ Sounding Rocket Program Officer Getting Started with Gliders— Mark Bundick  Fiberglassing HPR Bodies— Bart Merkley
1:50 pm Break Break Break Break
2:00 pm Model Rocket Stability & Aerodynamic Equations— Jim Barrowman NASA’s Orion Manned Spaceflight Program— Jimmy Spivey, NASA Program Executive for Orion What’s New in Designing for Helicopter Duration— Chris Flanigan GPS Systems for High Power Rocketry— Will Marchant
2:50 pm  The Big Break— Refreshments Available in the Conference Center Lobby
3:10 pm Flight Testing in TARC— Trip Barber Licensing Commercial Spaceflight Operations— Randy Repcheck, FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation Steampunking Your Rocket— Ted Cochran Flying High Power to Above 20 Kft— Jerry O’Sullivan
4:00 pm Break Break Break Break
4:10 pm Rocketry Challenge Programs Beyond TARC— John Lyngdal & Ken Biba Future Scene at Cape Canaveral Spaceport— Pat McCarthy, Director of Spaceport Florida Operations The New Look of NAR Competition— Ed LaCroix Level 3 Certification— Elaine Russell
5:00 pm End of Breakout Groups
 5:00 pm Open forum presentations on new products by rocketry manufacturers
6:00 pm Social and cash bar: In the hotel conference center
7:00 pm Banquet Dinner:  In the hotel banquet room
8:00 pm After-dinner Keynote Speaker:  Lee Piester on the History of Centuri Engineering Company and Early Days of the Rocket Industry

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