Friday – February 24th


2:00 pm Aurora Flight Sciences Tour departure from NARCON hotel
This is a tour of Aurora Flight Sciences’ Manassas, Virginia development facility.  It will include the unmanned aircraft that Aurora has under development.  Advance registration required.  This event has now been fully subscribed and no more registrations will be accepted for it.
4:00 pm Registration Opens:
In the Crowne Plaza Hotel’s Conference Center.
7:00 pm NARCON Opening:
Details about how the event will be run.
7:15 pm NAR Town Hall:
Hear from the NAR President what the NAR Board decided in its pre-NARCON meeting.
8:15 pm Research & Development Presentations:
Presentations on new technological developments by those competing for $1,000 in cash prizes.

8:15     Stoil Avramov:  Applying Advanced Technics and New Materials for building of S4A Glider’s Wing

8:40    Matt Steele: S1 Analysis for 2016 World Championships

9:05    Tim Van Milligan: Drag of Launch Lugs, Rail Buttons, and Launch Guides

9:35    Dan Wolf: Development of a Digital Pressure Sensor Emulator for Altimeter Testing

9:55    Chris Flanigan:  Predicted and Flight Data for an 18mm Piston Launcher

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