Points of Interest

There is lots to see and Do.

The Metro DC Area (the District of Columbia and the surrounding counties in Maryland and Virginia) is full of multiple points of interest.  Many of them are free.  The largest concentration can be found either on or surrounding the green lawn of the National Mall.

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Air and Space Museum DC

An world class Air and Space Museum in one of the worlds largest city parks!  This is the home of “Chuck” Yeager’s Bell X-1; a North American X-15; John Glenn’s Mercury capsule Friendship 7; the Mariner, Pioneer, and Viking planetary explorers, the first privately-developed, piloted vehicle to reach space, SpaceShipOne and, the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia.

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

What does a world class Air and Space Museum do when the recently acquired supersonic airplane and the worlds first reusable space ship doesn’t fit in your building?  Build two large hangers and start packing them full of with the large pieces that don’t fit in the original building.

Hundreds of aircraft and spacecraft are on display in two massive hangars, including a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay, and the Space Shuttle Discovery. View aircraft flying in and out of Dulles International Airport from our Observation Tower. Watch restoration specialists restore artifacts in our Restoration Hangar.

The Smithsonian(s)

The Smithsonian is not just an Air and Space museum that exists in two parts that are 29 miles apart.  It is 17 additional Museums, a Zoo, 12 Public Gardens, 9 Research Centers and a Carousel most of which are located on the eastern end of the National Mall stretching from the Capital to the Washington Memorial.  All operated by the Smithsonian Institute for the benefit of the American People.

The National Mall and Memorial Park

10 Memorials, a Reflecting Pool and Garden extending westward and southward from the Washington Memorial to the Potomac River.  All of them, celebrating events and persons that molded the United States.  All maintained by the National Park Service.

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