Saturday – February 25th


Breakout group topics & speakers as presented.  Presentations for many are available by clicking on the link at the group’s title.

7:00 am Registration Opens:
In the Crowne Plaza Hotel’s Conference Center
Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4
Track: TARC Rocketry Professional Rocketry & Spaceflight Model Rocketry  High Power Rocketry
9:00 am  3-D Printing Rocket Parts  NASA Sounding Rocket Operations  Stine & Desind Collections @NASM High Power Rocketry Safety
9:50 am Break Break Break Break
10:00 am  Altimeter Design & Operation  Air-Launching Satellites  Making Lightwt Fiberglass Bodies  Dual Deployment Systems
10:50 am Break Break Break Break
11:00 am  Finishing & Painting Rockets  James Webb Space Telescope  2016 World Championships  Flying HPR in Australia
11:50 am Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:00 pm  RockSim Design & Flight Sim  NASA’s Sounding Rockets  Getting Started with Gliders  Fiberglassing HPR Rockets
1:50 pm Break Break Break Break
2:00 pm  Rocket Stability & Aero Equations  Orion Manned Spaceflight Program  What’s New in Helo Duration  GPS Systems in HPR
2:50 pm Break Break Break Break
3:10 pm  Flight Testing in TARC  Licensing Commercial Spaceflight  Steampunking Your Rocket  Flying HPR to Above 20kft
4:00 pm Break Break Break Break
4:10 pm  Post-TARC Student Rocketry Pgms  Future at Cape Canaveral Spaceport  New Look of NAR Competition  Level 3 HPR Certification
5:00 pm End of Breakout Groups
 5:00 pm Open forum presentations on new products by rocketry manufacturers
6:00 pm Social and cash bar: In the hotel conference center
7:00 pm Banquet Dinner:  In the hotel banquet room
8:00 pm After-dinner Keynote Speaker:  Lee Piester on the History of Centuri Engineering Company and Early Days of the Rocket Industdry

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