Range Duty—Sport Range

Range Duty Registration

  1. Upon registering as a sport flyer at NARAM, you will receive a link to the Range Duty—Sport Range Spreadsheet.
  2. Do not share the links or password.
  3. NARAM sport flyers are required to sign up for one-two sessions of range duty, our greatest need is Saturday, Sunday, Monday, July 24-26.  
  4. Range Duty signup is specific to the Sport Range only. The Contest Range and the North Coast cup have a seperate range duty signup system.

Range Duty Job Descriptions

Range Safety Officer (RSO): Range Safety Officers have been pre-selected by MARS therefore volunteers to fill this position are not needed.

Launch Control Officer (LCO): The Launch Control Officer is the Master of Ceremony, oversees announcing all flights, and working with the LCO spotter and the RSO (as needed), to ensure the sky is clear of planes and the range and surrounding area is safe before counting down launching a rocket. He/she is responsible for setting the cadence of the launch (which should be fast paced). He/she should have prior experience as an LCO at large launches.

LCO Assistant (LCOA): The LCOA’s primary function is operating the launch control system for whichever side of the range is hot. He/she also receives flight cards from the RB and organizes the launch queue for whichever side of the range is cold. The LCOA enables the LCO to focus on maintaining smooth, fast paced, launch cadence.

LCO Spotter: The spotter is responsible for tracking all flights throughout boost, ejection (events) and recovery (descent and notifying the LCO if a rocket is descending into any area where it might impact people, vehicles, and/or other property.

Safety Check (SC): A SC is responsible for the inspection of low, mid and/or high power rockets against the requirements of the Model Rocket and High Power Rocket Safety Codes. A person performing SC of low power rockets flying A to G class rocket motors need not hold a Level certification. A person performing SC of H to K class rocket motors shall be Level 2 certified.

Range Boss (RB): A RB is in charge of launch pad assignment to each flier who has been through safety check and prior to the flier’s entry onto the range. As fliers leave SC they will hand the RB their flight cards for pad assignment. The RB presents flight cards to the LCO assistant for whichever side of the range is empty in order to maintain flow and efficient range operation. This position is fast paced, one where he/she will get the opportunity to see every rocket that’s flown. The RB reports to the RSO.

Pad Manager: The pad manager assists people of all ages with rocket installation on the pad and when necessary, igniter hook-up, on the LPR pads. He/she works to keep the LPR range clean by making sure used igniters get picked up and placed in the trash. The HPR pad manager (not the flier) is responsible for setting the rail angle of all HPR pads, as determined by the RSO based on wind conditions, prior to launch. In the event of a pad or nearby fire, he/she is responsible for operation of a fire extinguisher and is the first line of suppression until additional help arrives. The HPR pad manager reports to the RSO.



See who has signed up for Range Duty on the Sport Range.

Note: All NARAM registrants will receive an Access Code to the Sport Range Schedule upon registration.
The Sport Range Schedule cannot be viewed without the access code.
If you have registered for NARAM and are a Sport Range flyer, please pick 2-3 range duty time slots.