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Many flyers mark NARAM as The Launch they save that special flight. The flight could be their Certification flight or a crazy kit they bought on a Black Friday Special. Share your story, giving us as many details as you can! Fill out the, “Big Rocket Guidelines/Application” tab and we will get your information posted.


Bill Clune’s Not a Threaded Rod

This is My L3 rocket.. “NaTR” is an AMW 6″ Black Brant II kit. Made from filament wound fiberglass from the bottom of the tailcone to the top of the nose cone, well it has an aluminum tip. It will fly again on an Aerotech M1939 to 11,998″! On board electronics include a Marsa54 and a first generation “MARS” altimeter. 12″ Rocketman chute makes sure everything lands softly….