The NAR, in collaboration with Launch Crue, St. Louis Rocketry Association, Tripoli Mo-Kan, invite you to Springfield Missouri for NARAM-63 and the Rocketry Festival. The flying field is one of the best in the Northeast, with acres of flat, mowed grass.  This is the farthest east a NARAM has been held in 12 years.  NAR members from the Northeast and beyond are encouraged to attend, fly, and make new friends!

NARAM and the Rocketry Festival will feature 7 days of flying beginning Saturday on the Sport Range. The Sport Range will operate all 7 days to support rockets of all sizes, with motors from 1/8A to N class impulse. The NAR national championships, aka NARAM, are Monday through Friday. The team tryouts and the North Coast Cup will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

Sport Range

Host Sections MARS and SRC will be running the sport range.  Appropriately sized pads with 1515, 1010, mini, and micro rails will all be available as well as 1/8″ and 3/16″ rods.  Rockets with up to N motors can be accommodated with an FAA waiver to 12,000 feet. Come and sport fly for the weekend or stay for the whole week.

NAR Contest Flying

NARAM flying starts on Monday with Chad Ring serving as the NARAM Contest Director.

NARAM at Night

In addition to sport and contest flying each day, join us for a night launch on Sunday,  a barbecue in the Warplane Museum on Saturday, and traditional NARAM evening events throughout the week including the Manufacturers Forum, Cannon Fund Rocketry Memorabilia Auction, culminating with the awards banquet Friday night.

What is NARAM?

It is the National Association of Rocketry’s Annual Meet. The National Association of Rocketry (NAR) is America’s largest and oldest rocketry organization. NARAM was founded on rocket competition. Participants of all ages compete in set events involving altitude, flight duration, payloads, and more. There are local qualification launches held throughout the year. But each year there is one contest to rule them all—NARAM. And this year is the 63rd NARAM. The NAR also supports all aspects of safe consumer sport rocket flying-  from small model rockets with youth groups to serious adult hobbyists launching very large high power rockets.

When is NARAM-63?

NARAM-63 opens with Sport flying on Saturday, July 16, 2022 that will run until the following Friday, July 22, 2022. The NARAM competition runs from July 18, 2022 through July 22, 2022.

Where is NARAM-63?

NARAM-63 is located in the Springfield and Walnut Grove, Missouri area.

NARAM-63 Host Sections

Our host sections this year are Launch Crue, the St. Louis Rocketry Association, and Tripoli Mo-Kan.


Spectators are welcome to watch the rocket flying at NARAM. Please see the “Launch Field” page for directions and information about how to get to the launch field. If you have never flown rockets before or if you are a youth under age 14, you can get in on the action with the “Fly-It Take-It” program.