Sport Range

We realize that you may not find the answers to some of your questions on this web site. Just in case, here are some of the most common questions that can be answered here:

How high is the waiver?
12,000′ AGL.

What is the Impulse limit?
At Geneseo we can fly up to “N” impulse.

How many launch pads will NYPOWER have?

  • 25 low power 1/8 & 3/16 & mirco rails
  • 3 mid power 1010 and mini rails
  • 27 high power split in 2 banks with 1010 & 1515 rails
  • 2 Mega pads
  • A brand new hydraulic tower MARS calls the Beast!


Can I camp on the field?
Yes, self contained campers are allowed, Sorry no tents. (No hookups of any kind are available, please plan ahead.) 

Do my kids need to pay range fees?
No, kids fly free and the MARS “Bucket of Rockets” will be there for them.





Do I have to join NAR?
We would ask all adults, even those flying model rockets to join NAR.

Can I come to NARAM and just watch?
Yes, please do! Visit the Spectator Info page for more information.

Hours of operation
Visit the Schedule page for more information.

Where do I stay? Where can I eat?
Visit the Host Hotel or Nearby Accommodations page!

Which vendors will be at NARAM? And can I sell my stuff?
Visit the Vendor page Yes you can sell, visit the Vendor signup Page.

I would like to volunteer to help at NARAM!
You sure can and we will have page up for that here!

Can we fly Sparky motors?
Generally yes, field conditions during the event will dictate.
Due to the requirements of the HP Safety Code, the use of “sparky” propellants is hoped for but cannot not be assured if dry conditions create a potential fire hazard. Therefore, consider having an alternate non-sparky motor planned should weather conditions in the weeks prior to the NYPOWER create hazardous conditions.

Local Rules

Due to the proximity of the Museum and aircraft, we does not allow High Power/Composite clusters or staging. Clusters and parallel or drop-away staging introduce too many variables in flight. Black powder motor clusters are allowed, as is black-powder staging in Estes style rockets.

The range safety officer will designate the rail angles depending on the wind speed and direction. The angles are designed to keep rockets from flying over the flight line and towards the Museum buildings. There may be temporary altitude restrictions if the wind blows towards the NWM to prevent recovery drift into buildings or airplanes.

MARS requires all High Power and Mid Power rockets flying on F and G motors to use rail button. Launch rails are superior to round rods in every way and are an integral part of our system to control rocket flights. Saucers, spools and mono-copters are exempt from the rail button requirement.