Sport Range

Sport Range

At NARAM 58 two launch ranges will be maintained at the field throughout the week. One will be used for the contest events and the other will be a sport range. Sport rockets are those that are built and flown just for the fun of it, as opposed to competition. There will be launch pads for smaller model and mid-power rockets as well as launch pads for large high power rockets.

Saturday and Sunday Sport Launch

While the sport range will be open throughout the week, the main event for the sport range will be on Saturday and Sunday before the contest events get started. Come out and fly your rockets. There will also be some fun events that will be announced later.

High Power Rockets

High power rockets will be allowed on the sport range. We have a very large an open field and we expect to have an FAA waiver in effect that will allow Class 2 rockets to fly up to 12,500 ft AGL. Commercial rocket motors up to M impulse will be allowed. Anything larger than that will need to be approved on a case-by-case basis.


Once again this year, the Tom Ha family is sponsoring a Fly-It/Take-It program at the sport range. If you are a first time rocket flier or a youth under the age of 14, you will have the opportunity to pick a pre-built rocket, fly it at no cost, and then take that rocket home with you. Please see the Fly-It Take-It page for all the details. NAR members, please see how you can help make this happen by building and donating rockets.

Titanium Motors Prohibited

Motors that contain titanium flakes (Sparkies, Skid Marks, etc) will not be allowed at NARAM 58 due to a concern about the inherent fire risk created by the use of these motors.