What is NARAM?

It is the National Association of Rocketry’s Annual Meet. The National Association of Rocketry(NAR) is America’s largest and oldest rocketry organization. The NAR supports all aspects of safe consumer sport rocket flying, from small model rockets with youth groups to very large high power rockets with serious adult hobbyists. One aspect of model rocketry encouraged by the NAR is competition flying. Participants of all ages compete in set events involving altitude, flight duration, payloads, and more. There are local, open, and regional contests held all over the country throughout the year. But each year there is one contest to rule them all. It is the annual meet at the national level. And this year is the 58th NARAM.

When and Where is NARAM 58?

Each year NARAM is held at different locations, hosted and organized by NAR affiliated clubs (sections). NARAM 58 will be at a launch site near Walnut Grove, Missouri from Saturday, July 23 through Friday, July 29. The hotel for this year’s event is the Lamplighter Inn North in Springfield, Missouri.


Spectators are welcome to come watch the rocket flying at NARAM. Please see the Launch Site page for directions and information about how to get to the launch field. If you have never flown rockets before or if you are a youth under age 14, you can get in on the action with the Fly-It Take-It program.

Who is in Charge?

Each year the responsibility for organizing NARAM is taken up by volunteers form various NAR sections. The Contest Director this year is John Buckley, member of the St. Louis Rocketry Association. He has assembled a consortium of volunteers representing several Midwest NAR sections, a Civil Air Patrol Wing, and a Tripoli prefecture. They are as follows.