The following disciplines will be flown at the 2023 FAI World Championships for Spacemodels.

  • Altitude (S1A single stage for Juniors, S1B two stage for Seniors)
  • Parachute Duration (S3)
  • Rocket Boost Glider Duration (S4)
  • Scale Altitude (S5B for Juniors, S5C for Seniors)
  • Streamer Duration (S6)
  • Scale (S7)
  • Radio Control Rocket Glider (S8D for Juniors, S8E/P for Seniors)
  • Helicopter Duration (S9)
  • S2/P World Championships Open International Cup

Complete rules for each of these events may be found on the FAI website.

Rules clarifications for the 2023 FAI World Championships:

  • S3, S6, and S9 will be flown with airframes that have a minimum external diameter of 40 mm (for at least 50% of the overall length) and a minimum overall length of 500 mm.
  • S3, S4, S6, and S9 will be flown using 1/2A motors.