Altimeter operations at the World Championships will be sponsored by North Coast Rocketry, the official US representative for Adrel Altimeters.

Adrel MaxAlt™ Altimeters will be used to measure altitudes in classes S1A, S1B, S5C, S5B, and S2/P. The organizer shall provide electronic altimeters for all entrants in these classes. Every team shall submit a €100 (or equivalent USD amount) deposit for each altimeter that will be issued. This deposit must be paid prior to the competitor’s first flight in each event, and will be returned following the event when each altimeter and battery is returned. If an altimeter or battery is not returned or is damaged the deposit will be retained by the organizer. If an altimeter or battery is lost during the competition, a new deposit must be paid to allow the competitor to continue participating in the competition.

Instructions for the Adrel MaxAlt™ Altimeter may be found HERE.