The Ohio Cup, presented by the Wright Stuff Rocketeers, is a model rocketry competition designed to give Ohio-based American Rocketry Challenge teams an opportunity to perform practice and qualification flights and gather additional data under different flying conditions.

The Ohio Cup was first held in 2020. Our goal was to increase the competitive strength of Ohio teams and improve their chances of qualifying for the National Fly-Offs. Finding usable fields and qualified NAR observers can be difficult; to honor our commitment of removing barriers to rocketry for our youth, we created this event.

WSR has entered into a long-term agreement with the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton to host the Ohio Cup on the Museum grounds. We deeply appreciate the support and enthusiasm of the Museum’s Education Department and management, as well as the continued cooperation of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The Ohio Cup is an invitational event, open to any Ohio-based ARC team. WSR receives a list of these teams, and we send an introductory email to registered Team Supervising Adults as well as NAR Mentors early in the year. There is no entry fee for this competition; you simply reply to the email to reserve your spot. WSR provides all the launch equipment, and teams are welcome to bring their own if they prefer.

The Ohio Cup adheres to the current competition year ARC Rules for rocket design and mission objectives. Every flight is recorded on an official ARC Qualification Flight Form. This allows teams to declare their flight as a qualification attempt if they feel they are ready.

WSR uses the Qualification Flight Forms to tabulate team scores and determine the winners of the Ohio Cup. The winner is determined by adding the total score of the BEST TWO FLIGHTS of each team, consistent with ARC rules. You must have two scoring flights to be eligible to win. Trophies are awarded to the top 3 teams at the end of the event.

We hold the Ohio Cup competition every year in the weeks before the ARC Qualification Flight deadline. In 2024, the deadline was April 8, and the Ohio Cup launch was held on March 16 to allow for postponement due to weather conditions.

We cordially invite your Ohio-based team to compete in our next Ohio Cup! Keep an eye on our launch schedule for the next event. To learn more about the American Rocketry Challenge, click here: