Please see our Launch Site Maps page for maps and directions to our Federal Road, Rip Rap Road, and Lowry Road fields, as well as some of our neighboring clubs whose events appear in our schedule.

Our onsite  motor vendor is Merlin Missile Solutions. If you have a special need (including high power motors, reloads or casings), please contact Lee Berry well in advance of the launch at 937-232-1240 or . 

Dates in italics are nearby opportunities to launch away from our fields, or events where WSR is not the presenting sponsor. WSR is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of this information; please consult the host organization for the latest updates.

Archive of past events and flight reports can be found here.

You can join us virtually for Build Night by using this link:

2021 Dates

* Proposed or tentative event

January 2 (Sat) – Sport Launch CANCELED
Field access issue.

January 16 (Sat) – Sport Launch CANCELED
Due to predicted snow, high winds and cloud cover, this weekend’s launch is canceled.

January 23 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch ADDED
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm. Conditions are right for a launch to replace the one we had to cancel last week.

January 29-31 (Fri-Sun) – Virtual NARCON 2021
Register here.

January 30 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

February 13 (Sat) – Sport Launch CANCELED
Due to weather and field conditions.

February 13-14 (Sat-Sun) – TechFest 2021 (virtual)
WSR will produce content for TechFest. Please visit for more information and to participate.

February 27 (Sat) – Sport Launch MOVED
Rip Rap Rd. Field. 11am-5pm. This is a Class 1 (3.3 pound / G impulse limit) launch because of the move.

March 13 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

March 27 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch / NIGHT LAUNCH
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm for HPR Sport Launch, 8pm-11pm for Night Launch. What could be better than flying rockets at night? The full moon serving as out night light! There will also be a contest for the Coolest Rockets. You may want to bring bug spray to this launch.
Here are the rules:

  • The ceiling as 2500’ AGL, regardless of impulse. THIS IS OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE.
  • High-power impulse (H and above) is allowed, subject to the 2500’ AGL ceiling.
  • Sparky motors are allowed, contingent upon acceptable field conditions and club rules.
  • Your rocket MUST BE SELF-ILLUMINATED THROUGHOUT ITS FLIGHT, both on ascent and descent, from a distance equivalent to your anticipated altitude.
  • You may use electrical illumination (LEDs, EL tape, bulbs, etc.) or chemical illumination (cyalume glow sticks, et. al.).
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint may be used to SUPPLEMENT and already otherwise illuminated rocket, but CANNOT be used by itself.
  • Launch participants must have some method of making themselves visible while they are in the field. These can include LED headbands, wearable glow sticks, or handheld flashlights that are to remain on while the flyer is in the field. It is preferred that headlamps and flashlights employ red bulbs or lens covers.
  • We will take a poll during the March 23 Zoom chat attendees to see what they will be flying (rocket and motor) so we will have a feel for how many will be at the launch. We will also send a group email out and post on the Facebook page on Tuesday night after the Zoom chat to catch anyone else.

March 27 (Sat) – ROCI HPR Sport Launch
AMA IAC, 5151 East Memorial Drive – Muncie, Indiana 47302

April 10 (Sat) – Sport Launch CANCELED
Due to predicted rain and high winds.

April 17 (Sat) – ROCI HPR Sport Launch
AMA IAC, 5151 East Memorial Drive – Muncie, Indiana 47302

April 18 (Sun) – Field Trip to ROAR POSTPONED FROM APRIL 11
Chateau Zachman & Moran-McCaughey Range, Ripley, OH. 11am-4pm. Rain date is April 18 (Sun). Tom and Jane Zachman and Section 851 will host our club for a day of enjoyment and, of course, rockets. The range will support up to G impulse.

April 25 (Sun) – Sport Launch – NOTE NEW DATE
Rip Rap Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

May 1-2 (Sat-Sun) – The Ohio Cup
National Museum of the US Air Force, Fairborn, OH. Details are as follows:

  1. The “In Person” competition will take place over two days and will be broken up into four two-hour blocks each day.  This means, of course, that we can only have up to 16 teams participate in the “In Person” competition.
  2. One of the reasons for the two-day format is our new venue has a 25 person at a time limit for the competition.
  3. WSR is taking a page from the 2020 NARAM and from School Districts across Ohio by conducting a Virtual Ohio Cup at the same time for those teams who cannot travel to Dayton, Ohio or feel it is too far to travel. Details for submitting qualifying flight information is forthcoming.
  4. The Awards Ceremony will be conducted virtually after both events have concluded.

May 8 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Rip Rap Rd. Field. 11am-4pm. NOTE new launch window end time.

May 8-9 (Sat-Sun) – ROCI HPR Sport Launch
AMA IAC, 5151 East Memorial Drive – Muncie, Indiana 47302

May 17 (Mon) – TARC Qualification Flight Window ENDS
Qualifying flight reports must be submitted via fax or email by 11:59PM (see TARC rules here).

May 22 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Rip Rap Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

May 29-31 (Sat-Mon) – NSL 2021
Alamosa, CO.

June 5 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Rip Rap Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

June 12-13 (Sat-Sun) – TARC National Finals
National Museum of the US Air Force. 9am-5pm both days. More info and signup will be discussed at the next two Zoom meetings. 18 TARC teams from the Midwest will converge on the Museum for a day of competition. We will need many volunteers to act as timers, inspectors, team guides, dignitary escorts, and various other tasks to make the event go the way only WSR can do it.

June 13 (Sun) – ROCI HPR Sport Launch
AMA IAC, 5151 East Memorial Drive – Muncie, Indiana 47302

June 27 (Sun) – Sport Launch CANCELED
Due to high forecasted winds and the chance of thunderstorms toward the end of the launch window.

July 10 (Sat) – ROCI HPR Sport Launch
AMA IAC, 5151 East Memorial Drive – Muncie, Indiana 47302

July 10 (Sat) – WVSOAR HPR Sport Launch
Vinton County Airport. Rain date July 24.

July 17-18 (Sat-Sun) – Summer Moon Festival
Armstrong Air & Space Museum. 10am-5pm both days. WSR will be providing launch services for museum class participants and visitors. WSR members can also fly demo flights up to B impulse. eRockets will likely be selling E2X kits so you may be asked to help supervise rocket construction. NOTE: We will be sharing the airspace with a kite-flying group. We will be alternating time slots. Following is the schedule provided to us by the museum; as this is the first time this is being attempted, it is subject to change (as well as dependent upon field conditions; there is rarely any wind speed that is conducive to both kites AND rockets):
Kites begin 10:00 AM.Kites lowered after 11:50 AM
Rocket Launching starting at 12:00 to 12:45.
Kites resume 1:00 and lower at 1:50 PM
Rocket Launching 2:00-3:00
Kites resume 3:00 to end of event 5:00ish.
When the kites are flying Wright Stuff Rocketeers can assist persons at their booth with their rocket building workshops.
When the rockets are being launched P.I.G.S. Aloft can assist persons at their booth with kites being made. 

July 24-31 (Sat-Sat) – NARAM-62
National Warplane Museum, Geneseo, NY.
Events (*NRC Events):

1/2A B/G*
1/2A SD*
1/2A HD*
1/2A PD*
1/2A ALT*
1/2A Flexwing
B Payload*
D SuperRoc Altitude altimeter
Sport Scale
R & D

July 31 (Sat) – Sport Launch NOTE TIME CHANGE
Rip Rap Rd. Field. 1230pm-6pm. Time change due to an event for the Wayne Pee Wee Football Organization.

August 7 (Sat) – NMUSAF Apollo 15 Commemoration / Mass Build/Fly
National Museum of the US Air Force. This is our annual all-hands event with the Museum. More details will follow.

August 14 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Rip Rap Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

August 28 (Sat) – Sport Launch CANCELED
Due to predicted rain and heat.

September 11 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Rip Rap Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

September 11 (Sat) – WVSOAR HPR Sport Launch
Vinton County Airport.

September 18-19 (Sat-Sun) – ROCI HPR Sport Launch
AMA IAC, 5151 East Memorial Drive – Muncie, Indiana 47302

September 25 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field, assuming it is open. 11am-5pm.

October 2 (Sat) – Sport Launch CANCELED
We will not have access to Rip Rap Road Field that day.

October 9 (Sat) – ROCI HPR Sport Launch
AMA IAC, 5151 East Memorial Drive – Muncie, Indiana 47302

October 16 (Sat) – Sport Launch CANCELED
Due to high winds

October 23 (Sat) – WVSOAR Joe Grubb Memorial HPR Launch
Vinton County Airport, New Plymouth, OH. Launch starts at noon, setup around 11. Class 2 waivered launch with an “i” motor limit.

October 29-31 (Fri-Sun) – QCRC Midwest Power
23550 1850 E., Ohio, IL 61349. 15K waiver, night launch on Saturday.

November 6 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch & HALLOWEEN NIGHT LAUNCH
Federal Rd. Field. Saturday 11am-5pm, night launch 7pm-10pm. THERE WILL NOT BE A SUNDAY LAUNCH. Class 2 high-power launch, waiver 12,000′ AGL. Bonus points (but sadly no awards) for themed rockets, or costumes. HPR Night Launch: Saturday night, waiver limited to 2500’AGL. Information from the WSR Facebook page and email list:

NOTAMs SGH11/004 and MXQ 11/001 have been issued for this weekend’s launches at the Federal Road field in Cedarville, OH. The launch windows will be Saturday from 11am to 5pm for the regular high-power launch, 8pm to 11pm for the night launch, and Sunday from 11am to 5pm for another regular high-power launch. The altitude waivers are 12,000’ AGL for the daytime launch, and 2500’ AGL during the Saturday night launch, with no call-ins.

We will NOT be flying between the end of the Saturday daytime waiver and the night launch, to facilitate people coming in and out. Most members will be going to eat at this time.

This is our first high-power launch of the season. (We will also be flying low and midpower rockets as we always do.) Please take a moment to go to the WSR website and review the following:
Launch Site Maps for how to enter the field:
WSR High-Power Rules:
It’s Launch Day (for first-time flyers or visitors):

PLEASE PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE PROCEDURE FOR ENTERING THE FIELD. YOU WILL NOT GO TO THE 5995 ADDRESS; YOU WILL BE DRIVING OFF THE SIDE OF THE ROAD INTO THE CULVERT TO GET TO THE LAUNCH SITE. Watch for the NAR Rocket Launch sign at the side of the road and enter there. We suggest that you not come in a car that has very little ground clearance.

WSR members will be operating as RSOs (Range Safety Officers) and will be inspecting rockets before flight. If you are a new club member, or a visitor who wants to fly, we will give you extra attention to make sure we are confident in your rocket’s safety. If you are not a club member, you are limited to flying up to D impulse motors. But, that’s your opportunity to join WSR – a family membership is only $10 if you’re an NAR member or $20 if not, and you will be good for the remainder of 2021 and all of 2022.

If you are flying high power, you MUST be currently NAR or TRA certified, so please make sure you bring your membership card showing your cert level. If you don’t have your card but you know your NAR number, we can look it up online.

We will likely be having some NAR certification attempts at the field this weekend. If you’re attempting a cert flight, please remember to bring your NAR membership card (or a receipt showing you joined), a filled-out high-power application (just the name/address section – your cert witness will do the rest), and if you’re attempting an L2 or a Junior L1, please bring your graded test. If you need to take the L2 or Jr L1 test, we’ll have them at the field.

Lee from Merlin Missiles will be onsite to provide all the impulse you can handle; he also has a good selection of other useful rocketry stuff like parachutes and even some rocket kits.

SPECIAL NIGHT LAUNCH INSTRUCTIONS: This will be the second night launch in WSR history. Everyone who came out to the March night launch had a great time, enough for us to make it an annual (or more) event. Your rocket must be lit all the way up and all the way down (barring any failures). You can use electrical (LEDs) or chemical (glow sticks) means to light your rocket. THE NIGHT LAUNCH WAIVER ALTITUDE IS 2500’ AGL. Please plan your flights accordingly. You should bring a headlamp (preferably with a red light or lens) or a flashlight (again, preferably with a red lens cover) to help you navigate out in the field. We will not get any help from the moon Saturday night like we did last time. We will also place small lamps by the pads to help avoid accidents. Please tread carefully.

In the fog of anticipation, I’m sure I’ve left something out. If you have any questions, please text or call me at 937-248-9726, email me at davecombs@…, post on the WSR Facebook page or Messenger, or reply to the email group.

Dave Combs
Prez, WSR703

November 6 (Sat) – WVSOAR HPR Sport Launch
Vinton County Airport.

November 7 (Sun) – Joint ROAR, WSR, WVSOAR Class 1 Rocket Luncheon and Sport Launch
Details from Tom Zachman:
While our usual monthly meetings at the public library are still on hold due to Covid 19 Delta variant spread,  the ROAR Launch Committee has decided to set Sunday November 7, 2021 at 1:00 pm as our next launch date with a luncheon starting at Noon.  All ROAR, WSR, and WVSOAR members are invited as all persons named in this email. Field crops at the Moran-McCaughey Sport Rocket Range have not yet been harvested but we are hoping by late this month the fields will be clear. So here is the plan:

A luncheon at Tom and Jane Zachman’s house at 136 N Front Street, Ripley, Ohio 45167 will run from 12:00 PM to about 1:00 PM.  Our house, yard, and porch (overlooking the Ohio River) is quite capable of handling well over 50 persons with social distancing considerations. We are expecting everyone attending the luncheon to be Covid 19 vaccinated or have Covid immunity.  If you need a mask we will have them available.

Club members of WSR, WVSOAR, and ROAR please invite your spouses or significant others.  Relax, sit, and enjoy the Ohio River from our home on Front Street.  The River walk on Front Street in Ripley is a great way to enjoy the fall colors. Additionally the Rankin House State memorial (a National Landmark) a premier Underground Railroad nexus will be open within a one-half a mile distance from the Zachman home.  Admission fee to the Home itself with a guided tour is $6.00 per person. Walking on the grounds and going to the Visitor’s Center is free. The Parker House another National Landmark is several hundred feet from our home. The Rankin and Parker Houses are surrounded by  touching and timeless stories of the heroes and villains of the Underground Railroad during the turbulent times just before the Civil War. Fabulous view of the Ohio River valley below the Rankin House site is worth the quick drive up Liberty Hill.  If you want to come earlier than Noon and enjoy the Ohio River at our home absolutely no problem. For reference here is an view of Front Street from the Ohio River taken by Walt Orlowsky ©Copyright 2012 All Rights reserved. Used with permission. Our home is located in the center of the photograph below the Rankin House located atop Liberty Hill.

ROAR Launch Committee Chair Mark Mussinan will be the LCO and Tom Zachman will be the RSO for the October 24th launch.  We will fly as long there are rocketeers with fire birds ready to launch up to 5:00 pm. Remember the Moran-McCaughey Sport Rocket Range is limited to FAA Class 1 sport rockets (maximum NON-HPR G class motors).  Restrooms will be available at the Zachman home at all times during your visit (approximately a five minute drive from the Moran-McCaughey Rocket Range).  As a side note Ripley does have a McDonalds, Subway, and a Marathon Gas Station. Really all you need to bring is your range box and ROCKETS!  Hopefully Lee Berry dba as Merlin Missiles (and Jay) will be able to attend to your rocket needs.

Please respect the land. Park parallel to Howland Road on the grass. Do not drive on the plowed farm field.  Cars should be distanced 10 feet from each other.  Bring chairs, water, sun screen and hats.  10 by 10 open canopies are encouraged.  A loudspeaker will make announcements and flight information.  Be patient, kind, and courteous of others. It will be fun if we make it so!   The Moran-McCaughey Rocket Range on Howland Road (which is  a dead end road)  is pictured here (about 3 miles from our home).  Howland Road is just across from Ohio Valley Manor on US Route 62-68.

 If the crops are not harvested by Friday October 22, 2021 or the weather is predicted to be unfavorable you will receive an email notice on that date that the luncheon and launch has been cancelled.

The current long range weather forecast is for a mostly cloudy day with temperatures in the lower 60’s, no precipitation (25% chance), and winds from the NNW at 2 MPH and gusts to 10 MPH.  The Moran-McCaughey Rocket Range has slightly rolling terrain that drains rather quickly. Cross your fingers as of course this forecast will undoubtedly change.

It has been a very long time since sport rockets have flown from the Moran-McCaughey Rocket Range and we can’t wait. 

The only drawback is the public per se is not being invited to the launch.  Perhaps once Covid 19 has abated we can have the long delayed public exhibition of local sport rocketry but most likely not until the late spring of 2022.

If you need detailed directions please let me know.

Tom Zachman
Senior Advisor
The Ripley Ohio Association of Rocketry
NAR Section #851

November 13 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

November 20 (Sat) – Tripoli Mid-Ohio HPR Sport Launch
8345 SR 41 South Charleston, Ohio 45368. 10am-5pm.

November 27 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

December 4 (Sat) – Tripoli Mid-Ohio HPR Sport Launch
8345 SR 41 South Charleston, Ohio 45368. 10am-5pm.

December 7 (Tue) – WSR Annual Christmas Celebration and Banquet
eRockets. Details from Randy Boadway:

Wright Stuff Rocketeers(WSR) will be holding their annual Christmas Party and Gift Exchange on Tuesday, December 7th, the doors open at 6pm and the meal will be served at 6:30.  We will be meeting at eRockets, 1510 Springfield St, Dayton.  The club will be providing Fried Chicken and some hot sides from Lee’s.  eRockets will be providing all of the plates, cups and utensils.  Please consider bring a dish to pass or beverages to drink(we really could use a case or 2 of water), desserts are especially welcome.  Family members and rocketry friends are also welcome.
We do the gift exchange Rambo style.  So bring a wrapped gift to the party.  Please warn your children that the object of the exchange is to have a lot of fun and remember that a gift can be stolen each round, so nothing is your until the end of the night.  We have done this for a number of years now so everyone know not to get too attached.  We would like to be done by 8:30pm
Be advised that we have exceptionally good door prizes this year, they will be given out at the end of the party.  Thanks Mike G for making this such a good opportunity for members of our club.
Some people will be attending virtually this year.  Be advised that you need to pick up your gift from the exchange and door prize.  Or make arrangements to get them.
Please let Randy Boadway know if you are going to be attending and how many so we have enough food ordered.

December 12 (Sun) – HPR Sport Launch NOTE DATE CHANGE
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

From an email by Randy Boadway:

Last week I traveled to Kentucky for a family gathering at a nice bed and breakfast.  Unfortunately, the whole family was exposed to the corona virus and every one is testing positive once they returned.  I do not have my test back yet but am quite sure I am positive since I have been sick all weekend.  Unfortunately, I worked a few hours in the building prior to knowing.  I have quarantined ever since.
I am confident the building is clean enough for our Tuesday night event, however, I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen so that area is roped off.  Please stay home if you are concerned, you can still join online.  Please consider wearing a mask when you are here.
My condition is good, I had the virus last year while I was in the hospital, so I have a good idea as to when I need to be concerned.  I was also vaccinated, so I am well protected.  I am quarantined and will remain quarantined until further notice.  I am not about to chance anyone getting this terrible virus, it will kill you, as it tried to take me last year.
Randy Boadway, eRockets


2022 Dates

January 1 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch CANCELED
Due to rain and field conditions.

January 16 (Sun) – HPR Sport Launch NOTE NEW DATE
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

Jaunary 20-22 (Th-Sat) – vNARCON 2022

January 29 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

February 12 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

February 26 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

March 12 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

March 19 (Sat) – Ohio Cup 2022
National Museum of the US Air Force. Rain date March 26.

March 26 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

April 9 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

April 23 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

April 30 (Sat) – ROAR/WVSOAR/WSR Sport Launch/Night Launch
Moran-McCaughey Sport Rocket Range, Ripley OH. Arrive for lunch at Chateau Zachman at noon, launch at 1pm, return for pizza dinner around 5pm, then night launch starting at 7pm. Rain date is May 14.

May 7 (Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

May 21(Sat) – HPR Sport Launch
Federal Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

May 28-30 (Sat-Mon) – NSL 2022
Sumter, SC. Event Director Bobby Weatherford and the members of ROSCO are excited to host you at NSL 2022 starting May 28 and finishing May 30. A host hotel or hotels will be located just 15 minutes away in Sumter, SC. Entrance to site is located at: 34.055858,-80.425288

NSL 2022 will be flying off a brand new sod farm site and will feature a minimum of a 7,000 foot waiver. So, please come enjoy a spectacular launch site and waiver by planning your NSL trip today.

July 16-22 (Sat-Fri) – NARAM 63
Springfield, MO. NARAM 63 will be have Chad Ring back for another turn as Contest Director. NARAM will be a bit earlier than usual and will run from July 16 – 22, 2022. Chad is being supported by the members of Launch Crue, St. Louis Rocketry Association, and Tripoli Mo-Kan. The scheduled contest events are:

1/4A Streamer Duration*, 1/2A Rocket Glider Duration*, A Helicopter Duration*
A Parachute Duration*, B Altitude*, B Eggloft Altitude*, Sport Scale*
(*denotes 2022 NRC Events)
E Payload Altitude
Open Spot Landing
Research and Development
The contest/sport range is sited in Walnut Grove at the same field used for NARAM 58.
Sport and high power flying will be available for all seven days. A waiver of 15,000 feet is expected. And the US Spacemodeling Team Selection Flyoffs will be held on the opening weekend in preparation for the World Spacemodeling Championships coming to Austin, TX in July of 2023.
The host hotel will be the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center which is located in Springfield, MO. Rooms have been secured at $109/night. Finally, Chad has some great activities planned for young and old alike, so start carving out your vacation time in order to attend NARAM 63!