Next on the Pad:

August 13 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Rip Rap Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

August 14 (Sun) – ROCI HPR Sport Launch
AMA IAC, 5161 E Memorial Dr., Muncie IN. 10am-5pm.

August 14 (Sun) – SORA Sport Launch
Hisey Park, 5443 Middletown Rd., Corwin OH 45068. 1pm-4pm.

August 27 (Sat) – Sport Launch
Rip Rap Rd. Field. 11am-5pm.

Tuesday Build Night at eRockets / Virtual Build Night on ZOOM

Dates in italics are nearby opportunities to launch away from our fields, or events where WSR is not the presenting sponsor. WSR is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of this information. Please consult the host organization for the latest updates.


Please read FLYERS MEETING NOTES and if you’re new, IT’S LAUNCH DAY



The Wright Stuff Rocketeers, NAR Section 703, operates in the Dayton and Southwestern Ohio area. We are a very active club with a dedication to growing the hobby through outreach and camaraderie. Click on any of the tabs above to navigate to pages with more information about when and where we fly, our weekly Build Night at eRockets, our Outreach activities, and how to contact us to visit, fly, or join our section. Click on the Wright Stuff Rocketeers 703 header at the top to return to this home page.


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