Attention Flyers:

Before every launch, WSR holds a flyers’ meeting to go over the rules for the launch. Understanding that not everyone arrives at the beginning of the launch window, we need to present these to you so they can be referenced later. If the line begins with (HPR), it applies to high-power launches, usually specific to our Federal Rd. Field in Cedarville, OH.

  • Launch window times are from 11 am to 5 pm EST unless otherwise announced.
  • (HPR) Our waiver limit is 12,000′ AGL (no call-ins). Otherwise, for Class 1 non-waiver launches at Rip Rap Rd. field, you are limited to 3.3 pounds and G impulse (subject to RSO approval).
  • Homemade/research/experimental propellants are strictly and expressly forbidden.
  • We will stand down from launching if the surface wind reaches or exceeds 20 mph.
  • (HPR) We will check for Jr L1/L1/L2 certification flights and Jr L1/L2 exams needed, if there are teams flying together, if there are heavies (>20 pounds), or complex HPRs (staging/cluster).
  • AT FEDERAL RD., DO NOT DRIVE ONTO OR THROUGH THE FARM FIELD FOR ANY REASON. Vehicles must stay on the grass at ALL TIMES. To get to other side of the field you must use the roadside entrance. Do not attempt to cross the creek in a vehicle. If you have appropriate high water gear, you may attempt to cross the creek on foot at your own risk.
  • AT RIP RAP RD. FIELD, STAY ON THE GRAVEL ROADS EXCEPT ONLY TO PARK. Do not drive through or turn around on the grass portions of the field, and go into the grass only far enough to park. 
  • RSO on duty has the absolute and final call on all flights.
  • Established WSR members can peer RSO on LPR/MPR/HPR kits. New members or non-members must be checked by RSO on duty or other senior WSR members.
  • All scratch-built models must be submitted for inspection (you must know where your CG/CP are; sim data is very helpful).
  • (HPR) Complex HPRs (staging/clusters) must be RSO’ed by two L2 certified club members.
  • Flight cards are required for every flight regardless of motor and MUST bear an RSO’s initials. Please include Dual Deployment info (Chute Release or Main deployment altitude), cluster/staging motor info, and if it is a heads-up flight (again, subject to RSO’s discretion).
  • We would like to ask for LCO Volunteers to run the launch controller for half-hour shifts (the club president usually takes the first shift).
  • Before loading your rocket on the pad and before hooking the igniter clips to the igniter, touch the clips together to ensure there is no current passing through them. IF THEY SPARK, DO NOT USE THE PAD AND NOTIFY THE LCO AND RSO IMMEDIATELY.
  • The LCO controls the flight line. The LCO will wait until the last rocket off the pads has deployed its recovery device, and then declare the pads safe. Flyers must wait for pads safe to enter the range or to stand in place in the recovery area if instructed to allow a launch to happen or any other event that requires your attention.
  • (HPR) The use of Sparky motors (including but not limited to MetalStorm, Dark Matter, Skidmark) will be announced at the beginning of the launch, subject to field conditions. If declared a go, anyone launching a Sparky must place a fire blanket under the pad and obtain a 2-person fire crew NOT INCLUDING the flyer who must respond to any smoldering.
  • Deployment electronics and pyros must only be armed at the pad and only once the pad is upright and locked. DO NOT turn on a deployment altimeter with charges connected in the spectator or prep areas.
  • Non-deployment using electronics: If you had a failed deployment event, ensure your electronics are DISARMED before re-entering the spectator area.
  • Misfires: Leave your rocket in place until the LCO clears the other loaded pads and only approach when the pads are declared safe and after waiting an appropriate amount of time.
  • (HPR) THE ONLY TIME for racking & launching at the same time: The away cell is open for loading while LPR is launching.
  • IF IN DOUBT, ASK. Get an RSO or a senior club member. We are here to help you fly as safely as possible, for all of our sake.

Have fun and watch out for each other.

Wright Stuff Rocketeers Board Of Directors
Dave Combs, President
Jay Berry, Vice President

Randy Boadway, Section Advisor
Mark McBride, Secretary
Carter de Werd, Treasurer
Lee Berry, President Emeritus