NSL Participating Vendors

NSL does not charge a fee for vendors. (Of course, donation of contest prizes are always welcome, and the donor will be announced.)  To sign up as a vendor, please see the Vendor Signup page.

Moto-Joe Rocketry

Moto Joe Rocketry is the proud sponsor of the Saturday Night Rocketeers Social at the Colorado Farm Brewery.
Be sure to shop their booth on Vendor Row.
Online pre-orders may be placed up to seven days before NSLW, and your order will be delivered to the launch site.
Moto Joe is a Colorado-proud, long-standing supporter of our sport”. www.moto-joe.com.
Spudloft participants should check in at Moto-Joe to collect their Potato and to log their flights.


We would like to extend a special thank-you to Aerotech and Quest for being the 2023 and 2024 lanyard sponsors.
Visit Aerotech on Vendor Row directly across from the main tent.

Estes Rockets is a proud sponsor of NSL West and has graciously agreed to host Youth Fly-It Take It!
Find Estes near the main tent on Vendor row.  

Model Rocket Guy is Colorado’s Rocketry Kit, Component and Accessory provider!
Find The Rocketry Show podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/@TheRocketryShowCom

Apogee Components

Special thanks to Apogee Rockets for helping sponsor this event.
Make sure to visit Apogee on Vendor Row during NSLW Weekend. 

Chris’ Rocket Supplies

Chris has been traveling the country bringing his inventory of rocketry supplies to events from Florida to Colorado. Find Chris’ Rocket Supplies on Vendor Row. You can’t miss the large trailer.

Impls Launch Systems

IMPLS will have a demo launch system set up at NSL-West.
Visit IMPLS on vendor row and ask to see how their system works!

Front Range Rocketry

Valkyrie Recovery Systems Inc
Providing parachutes and recovery components with high quality and low cost.


Bayou Rat Rocketry

Selling Motor Hardware, Motors, and featuring a rare cache of Out of Production Motors and Hardware!

Featherweight Altimeters