Media Information

All members of the press are invited to contact for information on NSL.

Photographers Information

Professional photographers who want access within the flight line perimeter must purchase a special media/photographer’s identification badge and vest from the event at a cost of $49. Payment can be accomplished through the “Online Registration” menu. If you don’t have a vest and badge purchased from us you will not be allowed on the range.

Only professional photographers and reporters will be allowed on the flight line. To get a vest and badge to gain access to the flight line, you must complete a NSL 2024 Photographer/Media Registration Form no less than 14 days prior to the start of the event. Specify which publication or company you represent. Privateer or freelance is not an acceptable company or publication. You can pick-up your media vest and badge at registration when you arrive at the launch site. No refunds. This applies to all photographers whether for hobby magazines, personal rocketry photography businesses, calendars, etc.

Media/photographers on the flight line are subject to the direction and control of the  on-duty Launch Control Officer and the Event Director. Failure to comply with their direction will result in the immediate revocation of photographers privileges without refund.

If you want a specific place in Vendor Row or along the flight line to set up, you must coordinate this with the event well in advance. Spaces for commercial use are generally first-come, but no less than 14 days before the event starts. Late arrivals will be invited to take a place at the end of vendor row or at the end of the flight line.

NSL reserves the right to limit the per-company number of photographers and the number of photographers on the flight line at any given time.

All of the above has been implemented to promote the safety of everyone attending the event to keep the flow of the launch running smoothly, and avoid unnecessary delays or inconvenience to flyers from photographers actions.