Spudloft 2024

We have a fun event for you during NSL 2024. Get a spud and fly it!

Tentative Rules

  • Target Altitudes are 2024′ or 20240’ AGL.
  • The winner is the closest, over or under. Prizes for First, Second, and third place per target.
  • You must use a different spud each time. Pick up your spud from the provided supply.
  • Flight must be normal. Contestants, not so much.
  • Collect your spud at the event. Write your name and the current time on the spud with a sharpie.
  • Prep your rocket. Watch thrust to weight ratios closely. Mark Spudnik Attempt # on your flight card.
  • Fly the spud. Bring it back to the Directors of Spudlofting (TBA).
  • Get your attempt and your altitude recorded in the official record book.
  • You must get a differently sized potato each attempt. No cheating or manipulating.

2023 Winners

2023 Spudnik target altitudes were 2023′ and 20230′ AGL.

The low altitude winners are:

  • First Place Betty Dall at 1867
  • Second Place Patrice Wullschleger at 2232
  • Third Place Ed Wullschleger at 1739

The High Altitude winner goes to Joe “I missed the low altitude by so much I ended up winning the High Altitude” ….Hinton…. at 4211′.