H, I, J, Challenge

We have a fun competition for you at NSL-East 2023 sponsored by Countyline Hobbies!

  • Use a 4″ cardboard rocket (kit or scratch built) to successfully fly and recover 3 times using an Aerotech H100W, an I140W and a J270W with the shortest total time between launch and recovery!
  • No electronic ejection events are allowed except for Jolly Logic Chute Releases.
  • As Bob of Countyline Hobbies is the sponsor, all motors for the event must come from him. Contact Bob Jablonski at countylinehobbies@yahoo.com or (574) 540-1123 to order motors. The cost is $190 for the three motors.
  • Motors will be delivered at NSL-East 2023.
  • This contest is limited to eight. Contact Bob to reserve your spot in the competition!
  • Competition logistics:
    • Each flight will be completed using a special flight card.
    • The LCO will record the launch time on the flight card, and after the rocket is recovered return immediately to the RSO table. The RSO table will record the time of return.
    • The lowest total recorded time from all three launches wins: A J270 motor and $95 coupon for motors from Countyline Hobbies!
    • Bob Jablonski is the judge for this competition.