Flyer and Spectator Info

The Following Applies to Everyone, Including Spectators.

Everyone is welcome to come out and watch us fly. However, rocketry is an inherently dangerous activity – objects often fall from the sky, sometimes at a very high speed. We have rules and procedures to make this activity as safe for everyone as possible, but bad things can happen. Everyone attending must understand and follow these rules to ensure safety:

  • Before you come to NSL-E, please read the information on the Launch Site page about the weather and conditions we expect.
  • Bring plenty of water and sunscreen. If you think you’re bringing enough, bring more. If you don’t need it, your neighbor might. Take it easy during rocket recovery, use a buddy system or stay in communication while recovering a rocket.
  • Check in at Registration as soon as you arrive.
  • Pay attention! Every flight is potentially dangerous to you and your family. If the Launch Control Officer (LCO) yells “Heads up!” he means it!
  • Parents, please keep your children under control and be sure they understand these rules.
  • Please stay behind the flagged flight line barrier, and please do not set up your chairs, etc. at the barrier, in the safety zone, or on the road.
  • Spectators are not allowed on the range at any time. Only registered flyers may go onto the range. No badge, no range access.
  • If the LCO announces a flight as a “Heads Up” flight, that means get on your feet and pay attention until the rocket has returned to the ground.
  • Do not attempt to catch any rocket as it lands. Even a small rocket can cause an injury.
  • Do not pick-up or move any rocket that is not yours, unless you have the owner’s permission.
  • Do not drive wheeled vehicles along the flight line. This includes ATVs, bicycles, tricycles, etc.
  • Park your car behind the line marked on the ground, and please do not park in any areas designated for vendors or for launch administration.
  • Please drive 5MPH or less as you approach the launch area, and within the launch area. The entry road separates the range from tent city and is heavily trafficked.
  • Drones or helicopters on the range require permission from the Launch Director (or designee), the LCO, and RSO at the range head. Drones or helicopters may only fly over the range during launching–not when the range is open for loading or recovery. No R/C aircraft may fly over or near any person, vehicle, launch pad, or other structure, and must be clear of any rocket during all phases of flight. Any drone activity deemed to be dangerous by the LCO, RCO, or site administrators will result in immediate and permanent loss of flying privileges.
  • Please use only the provided toilet facilities (portapotties). Please do not throw trash into the portapotties!
  • Please keep control of your trash and place it in the provided dumpster or carry it off when you leave.
  • Volunteer for Range Duty here.