1. When is NSL 2019?

NSL 2019 is scheduled for Friday, June 7, to Monday, June 9, 2018. That’s three days of flying! Please check our Schedule Page often for more information.

2. How much will the fees be?

Registration for NSL 2019 is now open, register today! Check back for updates, and follow us on Twitter @nsl20192

Spectator Fee: Free!
Camping on the lakebed: Free!
Competitions/Special Flying Events that are part of NSL 2019 will not have an additional entry fee for registered flyers.

3. Where is Lucerne Dry Lake?

Lucerne Dry Lake is in San Bernardino County, California about 2 hours northeast of Los Angeles. You can find directions on our Directions Page. Visit the Launch Site Page for more information.

4. What’s the waiver going to be?

HPR flights at NSL 2019 will be 14,500 feet AGL, with high altitude call-in windows to 19,000 feet AGL.

5. What are the California motor requirements?

A motor must be a certified, commercially manufactured rocket propulsion device approved by the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM). A single motor shall not exceed 10,240 Newton-seconds (2302.2 lb.-seconds) of total impulse, which is a class M motor. Aerotech and Cesaroni motors are approved by the OSFM. For other manufacturers please verify approval before bringing them to the launch site. Only OSFM approved motors may be used or sold at the NSL 2019 launch site. Additionally, the State of California limits the total impulse of one rocket:

“When more than one rocket motor is utilized, the combined total impulse shall not exceed 20,480 Newton-seconds (4604.4 lb.-seconds).”

We have been in contact with the OSFM, and have confirmed that no exemption from these regulations is possible.

6. Will there be hybrid equipment at NSL 2019?

Plans are being made now. If you plan to fly a hybrid motor system and will need GSE support, or if you are bringing hybrid launch equipment and are willing to let other flyers with compatible equipment launch from it, please let us know.

7. What size launch pads will be available at NSL 2019?

There will be a variety of pad sizes, with rods and rails. These will range from low power pads with 1/8″ and 3/16″ rods,  mid-power pads with 1/4″ and 3/8″ rods and 1010 rails, up to large high power pads with rods up to 1/2″ and 1515 rails. If you need something special and cannot bring it, please contact us right away.

8. Will there be night flying at NSL 2019?

Night flying is planned for Friday and Saturday evenings. Each rocket flying after dark must have a light on board that will be visible from the range head during the entire flight.

9. Is there a place nearby to rent RVs?

JR RV Rental, LLC, in Apple Valley is known for supplying the best RV, Trailers and 5th wheels for your next camping trip. Delivery and set up is available to make everything easier for your trip without the hassle of towing a trailer.

10. Can a youth group attend NSL?

Since NSL 2019 is a special launch, there are special fees to fly, with no provision for youth group discounts. Each flyer must register and pay the flyer fee, which is $TBD. Everyone is welcome to come watch, and visit our vendors! There is no fee for spectators.

11. Can I bring my dog to NSL?

We strongly recommend against it! The launch site is an extreme environment that is potentially dangerous to dogs (and other living things). The high temperature in June ranges from the low 90s to well over a hundred degrees F, depending on the year. The only shade is what you bring with you. A dog, or anyone else, who is not acclimated can overheat and dehydrate very quickly. For a dog, it is difficult to tell anyone about the symptoms in time to get help. Heat illness can become life-threatening in the time it takes you to launch and recover a rocket!

For Veterinary Care:
Bear Valley Animal Hospital

20991 Bear Valley Rd
Apple Valley, CA 92308
Phone:(760) 240-5228
Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30AM–6PM, Saturday 8AM–4PM, Sunday Closed

Animal Care Hospital
21554 Outer Hwy 18 N
Apple Valley, CA 92307
Phone:(760) 247-0292
Hours: Monday – Friday 8AM–5PM, Saturday 8AM–12PM, Sunday Closed

12. How do I become a vendor at NSL2019?

ROC is encouraging vending at NSL2019 and will be setting aside prime flight-line space for vendors at the launch. Please read the important information at the top of our Vendor Page for requirements.