Comfort Suites Victorville I-15

12281 Mariposa Road
Victorville, CA, 92395, US
Phone: (760) 245-6777


The cut-off date to make reservations in this block has not yet been set. We have approximately 50 rooms available for each night. The special discount is only valid from Thursday-Monday. The following link will allow NAR members to book their NSL hotel reservations directly thru Comfort Suites. The reservation link is: Please note that our group code is FV50V3.


Camping & Survival

  •  You may camp on the lakebed for free at all ROC events
  • free California campfire permit is required for campfires, barbecues, and gas stoves
  • All fires must be in an above-ground container to prevent the lakebed from turning in to pottery
  • All ashes must be packed out
  • Bring a sturdy tent in case of wind, and stake it down, even if it’s calm
  • Do not park RVs in the front row; it is a safety hazard
  • Do not put anything other than human waste in the portapotties
  • Watch out for ruts and wet spots while driving
  • Do not bring fireworks

RV Rental Near the Launch Site
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High Desert Survival

  • ROC flies at Lucerne Dry Lake, located at 2850′ above sea level in the southern Mojave Desert.
  • Bring plenty of water, even in the winter. The environment is extremely dry; nothing lives in the center of the lakebed.
  • Plan for extreme temperaturesAverage winter lows extend below 30 °F; average summer highs exceed 90 °F. Bring water.
  • Wind conditions often change rapidlyIn the afternoon, constant 15-20 mph with gusts to 40 mph is common. Even if the morning is calm, secure your belongings! Anchor tents and shade structures (especially on the west-facing side) and stow trash and loose items in vehicles.
  • If you leave the launch site, lower and/or remove the cover from your shade to prevent it from blowing away
  • Sun protection is critical; peak summer temperatures often top 100 °F, and there are no trees or sources of shade. Bring water, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and a shade structure, and stake it down!
  • Convective activity is very common. Large dust devils may form and blow through the launch site without warning. Afternoon thunderstorms can develop, especially in the summer months.


Inclement Weather Safety

  • ROC will cease operations whenever thunder can be heard or lightning is known to be within 10 miles. During the hold, stay inside hard-top vehicles with the windows rolled up. If it is actively raining, do not drive your vehicle. Wet lakebed is impassable, you will get stuck. Stay safe and enjoy the show.
  • If it’s not actively raining, feel free to head in to town.
  • DO NOT DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE ON WET PLAYA. You will get stuck, and the permanent ruts you create will damage our launch site and our relationship with the BLM. If you get stuck, you’re pretty much on your own – but we will help you call AAA!