Attention High-Power Flyers:

WSR has recently seen an increase in high-power flyers as well as certification attempts. In order to serve all rocketeers as best we can, and to make sure we can support high-power flyers with the proper equipment and personnel, we have instituted some new policies with regards to high-power launches.

Effective immediately, you must NOTIFY CLUB LEADERSHIP AT LEAST ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE OF THE LAUNCH if ANY of the following conditions apply to you:

  • If you plan to certify Jr L1, L1 or L2 with the NAR. We want to ensure that we have people authorized to witness and approve your certification flight. Please note:
    • You must bring your own NAR High Power Certification Application as well as your current NAR membership card (or your receipt for paying dues online) and your graded Jr L1 or L2 exam score sheet as appropriate. Copies of the Jr L1 certification application can be found here, and the L1/L2 certification application can be found here on the NAR website. Bring both the application and the checklist, which are on opposite sides of the same page. We usually have copies at the field, but it always better if you have your own, filled out and ready to go.
    • You cannot attempt a Jr L1 or an L2 certification flight until you have passed the respective written exam. If you passed the exam with another section, you must bring the graded exam with you.
    • If you need to take the Jr L1 or L2 written test, you must contact club leadership to make sure test forms are available. However, it is much easier to take the written test at one of our Tuesday night build sessions rather than at the field. If you fail the Jr L1 or the L2 exam, it may be re-taken immediately using a different test version, but may only be taken twice in a seven-day period.
    • We cannot witness or approve Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) or Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) certification attempts. You must make arrangements with your observers to be at the field with the requisite paperwork. We will recognize your current TRA/CAR certification and allow you to fly motors up to your level (subject to our waiver) with proof of your current membership card.
  • If you plan to fly a rocket weighing over 20 pounds loaded. We want to make sure we bring the appropriate launch hardware.
  • If you plan to fly a rocket powered by a motor of K impulse or larger, or you plan to fly a complex HPR (staging or clustered).
    • You must provide simulation data for your rocket, including projected altitude, stability margin (CG/CP relationship), and projected speed at the end of the rail (assuming an 8’ 1010 or 12′ 1515 rail).
    • You must call or email WSR leadership with this data for approval. Please see the WSR Contact Page for contact information.

WSR strongly recommends the use of rail buttons on all high-power rockets as well as heavier mid-power rockets. We can accommodate 1010 and 1515 rail buttons. We have HPR launch rods (3/8″ and 1/2″) but we usually do not bring them to launches unless we are informed ahead of time of this need.

All flights must be conducted under the provisions of the NAR High-Power Safety Code. The appointed Range Safety Officer (RSO) on duty has the final and absolute authority to approve or deny any launch for any reason.

UPDATED 2/23/2020: If you are a university team participating in the NASA Student Launch competition: WSR REQUIRES you to bring your subscale and full-scale rockets to one of our regular Tuesday night Build Nights for a nose-to-nozzle inspection prior to launch day. Also, your NAR or Tripoli mentor, or your university faculty advisor MUST accompany you for this inspection. IF YOU DO NOT COME FOR THIS INSPECTION, WE WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO FLY.


Wright Stuff Rocketeers Board Of Directors