Launch Site

The SMRA launch site is a treasure. It includes permanent shade structures and work tables, large stable launch bases, and a tall observation tower. You can more easily track and home in on your rocket with the aid of friends with walkie talkies guiding you from the tower. SMRA launch site The range is situated in a network of large arroyos and mesquite trees. You must dress for the conditions and carry water with you when you walk out to recover your rockets. We recommend that you recover your rockets with a partner.  You will usually need to cross barbed wire fences as you leave the range and when you return with a handful of rocket. Dress should include long pants, heavy denim is recommended. Boots are recommended. Open toe shoes or flipflops should not be worn here, even within the confines of the launch field. There are various species of snakes, spiders, and lizards here. Venomous critters include Rattlesnakes, Tarantulas, Wolf spiders, and Scorpions. Thus, the boots are strongly recommended.

Here is a PDF page with directions, and a link to navigation directions from the hotel to the launch field.

Our waiver is up to 12,686ft AGL.

See our Launch Events page.