Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be an NAR or TRA member to participate?
You may participate, fly sport (Class 1) rockets, without a membership in either organization.

Are “Sparky” motors allowed at the launch?
Yes. This range is cleared of combustible materials.

Do I need to register to attend?
You are welcome to come and watch the fun and chat with the rocketeers. You only need to register if you will be flying rockets.

When is the deadline to register online?
April 30th. Registration for the WSLR/HAFB Tour must be done online before April 30th. On site registration will be available for the other events. We would be grateful if you could register online for the Blastoff Social.

How can I fly to this event?
See Flying to NSL 2017 near the bottom of the home page.

Is camping/RV camping available?
RV & Camping at the Boot Hill RV Resort. Camping at the site is allowed but utility hookups and water are not available. No reservations needed.

Where is the Blastoff Social Dinner being held?
It is in Alamogordo. When you register for the dinner, we will advise you of the location.

Where is the information for the Night Launch?
Please see the Launch Range Rules and Procedures for complete information.

I would like to video the launch with a Quadcopter. What are the rules?
Please see the Launch Range Rules and Procedures (Drone Policy) for complete information.