COVID Requirements

These are the latest COVID related requirements as it pertains to NSL-2021. The COVID requirements can change without notice. Please check back frequently. The COVID procedures are as follows:  

  • Every attendee must fill out the, “NSL 2021 • DAILY COVID CARD,” every day prior to entering the event. Click on the card at right, print out, and bring to the event.
  • Prospective attendees who have been exposed to Covid within the last 14 days are prohibited from attending.
  • Every attendee will be required to submit to a no-contact temperature check each morning upon arrival.
  • Every attendee is required to answer specific questions about symptoms and contact prior to entering the event area. The questions are copied from the CDC Facility Screening website.
  • Every attendee is required to wear a mask when within six (6) feet of another attendee, when that other attendee is not part of the attendee’s family/group.
  • On-site campers will have their form collected every morning by NSL staff.
  • Non-campers will have their form collected and temperature taken at the site entrance each time they enter.
  • If you don’t bring your preprinted, completed form, we will supply you with a form at the gate. You can fill it out at that time.
  • Markers will be placed at 6 feet apart in areas where attendees congregate such as RSO, LCO, restrooms, and vendors.
  • When setting up tables, tents, and work/prep areas, ensure that there is at least 6 feet between tables/tents if the tables/tents are not of the same family group/party.