Camp Douglas—Photography Pad

Rocketry Photography is pleased to offer filming services at NSL 2021 in Alamosa, CO.  There are two packages but only one will be available during the launch.

Launch Package: $150
This package covers launching of your rocket only.  There will be about a dozen cameras shooting high speed and stills of your rocket lifting off.  Some cameras pitch and follow your rocket right after liftoff.

Cinematographers Package: $300
This package records the launch but also includes everything from arriving at the launch pad through liftoff using extensive equipment including a 5m camera jib, track and dolly system, camera slider, gimbals, etc.  Fliers wishing the Cinematographers Package must be scheduled in advance and spaces are limited.
Because the extent of the equipment is so vast, this filming will take place a few days prior to the actual day of the launch.  Coverage includes driving the rocket to the launch pad, installing the rocket on the launch tower, raising the launch tower into position, pre-launch interview including B-roll footage, and (simulated) arming of electronics and installing of the igniter.
By recording this a few days before the launch, we concentrate on the filming and the flier does not have to worry about pre-launch jitters.  The rocket does not even have to be prepped for flight, all actions are simulated.  This also allows for more than one take of an event so different filming equipment can be used during each take.
When the time comes to launch, fliers that choose the Cinematographers Package have higher priority on launching their rocket than fliers with the basic package.

Both packages includes the recording and images only and does not include any post processing and editing.  You should receive your footage prior to leaving the launch. Contact Doug at:, or visit: