Our Food Vendor will be the 3 Legged Pig BBQ.
Bring your appetite!


What would a Rocket launch be
without ON Site Vendors to buy our “stuff” from.

logoAnimal Motor Works
Robert and Gloria
The Largest stocking CTI Dealer on EARTH


Demonstration Flights
AEROTECH Consumer Aerospace
Dan Michael


Chris’ Rockets Supplies
Christopher Short


The Rocketry Show
CG & Gheem


Ted Chernock
Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses
We have everything you need to fly a rocket!


John Derimiggio
MARSA Systems
The OFFICIAL Altimeters of NSL-2018


Ken Allen
Performance Hobbies
If its not in Ken’s “Trailer of Mystery” you don’t really need it!

Official Sponsors of NSL 2018

Promotional consideration for the NSL provided by the following sponsors.


MARSA Systems
The OFFICIAL Altimeter

The Official Tracker

The OFFICIAL Parachutes of NSL

Solepoxy, Inc

alphabet race and bucket of rockets

Animal Motor Works

 Aerotech Consumer Aerospace

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