Geneseo New York Memorial Day 2018

In May, downwind crops are very low or just recently planted.  No lost rockets in the corn or beans!  This is the must attend event at the start of the flying season-  recently cut grass flying field, easy recovery, and convenient to civilization in Geneseo or Rochester.

Make your plans to attend the National Sport Launch. As always this launch will provide the unique experience that only MARS provides. Friendly rocketeers, huge mowed field, WWII warbirds in the air and on the ground and a great time for all.

Range Schedule:





  • Registration opens 9am
  • Launch Range operates 10a-6pm
  • 5pm BBQ Dinner
  • Dusk Night Launch


  • Registration opens 9am
  • Launch Range operates 10am-3pm
  • Post NSL party Village Tavern 137 Center St. Geneseo

MARS is a Family Friendly relaxed launch where micro-max’s and N motored monsters share the field. Rocket maniacs and families with kids are welcome at MARS. There is really no rocket club quite like it in this regard.  Our organization will have you on the pad as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This is the event to attend if you want to fly fly fly!

The field is a WWII era grass airfield which is home to the National Warplane Museum. You have a nearly a square mile of mowed grass recovery area surrounded by miles more of OPEN farmland, if you exceed that, MARS Club will do its best to recover your rocket for you. We have chainsaws and the biggest slingshot you’ve ever seen!

As always children 17 and under fly for FREE
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NSL Banquet Saturday Night

This year marks a very special year for NSL, as it is the 6oth year anniversary for not only the National Association of Rocketry, but also the 60 anniversary of when Vern Estes first met G Harry Stine. Join Vern and Gleda Estes at NSL 2018, as they join with their friends from MARS along with all the NSL registered fliers on the field, and at the Saturday Night Banquet where you will hear them recount first hand how they met G Harry Stine in May of 1958….. READ MORE
Registration is Open

Registering for NSL-2018 is Simple (even a rocket “scientist ” can do it)
Register Here
Please Read the FAQ page for MARS specific rules
Range Layout

With 84 Pads available in 2 banks, left & right, your waits will be short!
Check out the Range Layout
USE of Sparky Motors: Due to the requirements of the HP Safety Code, the use of “sparky”  propellants is hoped for but cannot not be assured if dry conditions create a potential fire hazard. Therefore, consider having an alternate non-sparky motor planned should weather conditions in the weeks prior to the NSL create hazardous conditions.  

Check out the Flyers list so far…

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