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Solepoxy Alphabet Race

Although we all love to see the big rockets fly, there are a number of people that invest a lot of time and money in the smaller low power rockets and /or are not level certified, including kids. Most every launch has drag races, odd roc, altitude, etc. contests for the high power boys and girls, but the low power people are often overlooked.

Rules (how do we keep coming across these wretched things)

  • Simple, a single flyer is required to fly a series of motors in alphabetical order A- G. NAR rules apply, including inspection and launch rod angle.
  • 2 class 17 and under, 18 and over.
  • The flyer must successfully launch the rocket, retrieve it, and bring it back to the alphabet registration table with the spent motor still inside and get their card stamped. The first person each class, Adult and Jr. to successfully fly A – G wins.
  • No more than 1 flight can be finless / tumble recovery, i.e. Stealth, Spool, or Pyramid.
  • The same flyer must bring his or her rocket back every time
  • The contest starts after the flyers meeting on Saturday morning and finishes?
  • No more than 1 type of motor allowed per flight


  • Is there an entry fee: No
  • Can I fly the same rocket for multiple launches: Yes, as long as it has fins and an active recovery system. Only one flight can be a finless rocket.
  • Can I use a different rocket for every launch: Yes
  • What is a successful flight: The motor must ignite and the rocket leave the pad at a safe velocity as determined by NAR. The active recovery device must deploy.
  • What happens if I lose my rocket: It happens, keep trying. You are not penalized for a lost rocket, other than lost time looking for it. For example, if you don’t find your D powered rocket, you will need to re-fly D and move on from there.


We we reached our minimum, If you want to participate just be ready to fly after the flyer meeting Saturday Morning!


for both classes is a trophy and CASH!


What/who is Solepoxy?

SolEpoxy is a global manufacturer, high-tech specialist innovator of epoxy dielectric coating powders and molding compounds, plus a unique, optically clear epoxy molding compound. Specialty thermoset epoxy compounds delivered with processing and end-use technical support.
SolEpoxy, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Western New York investors who admired the remarkable legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship that endured at the Olean R&D and manufacturing center.