Hosting Clubs


HARA SLIDE BACKGROUNDFor more than 30 years HARA has promoted amateur rocketry as a tool for teaching mathematics & the physical sciences through our innovative & hands-on flight opportunity programs.  Our diverse club membership shares an affinity for rocketry, ranging the full spectrum from model rocketry to experimental high power.  Our meetings expose you to everything from the fundamentals of rocketry to what is trending in state-of-the-art research here in the Huntsville area.  Our workshops & build sessions help you develop rocket construction skills, & our regular rocket launches provide you the opportunity to fly your projects & advance your hobby in a safe environment.  Our mission is to help you get the most out of amateur rocketry.


MC2_Logo_288_146The Music City Missile Club (MC2) has operated in the Nashville area for over a decade.  A sister club to HARA, MC2 shares launch duties at the Manchester, TN sod farm launch site.  They have co-hosted ‘Southern Thunder’ since it’s inception.  MC2 teaches rocketry to local Boy Scout troops, helping them to earn their Space Exploration merit badges.  MC2 members support STEM education by mentoring TARC teams across TN, as well as University teams in the NASA Student Launch competition.  MC2 promotes rocketry to all ages and all levels in it’s membership, with a focus on supporting our youth and the next generation of rocketeers and Aerospace Engineers.


SoarWhite168Southern Area Rocketry (SOAR) began simply enough in 1997. Three guys, an empty field, and the desire to bring together as many people as possible for a common interest. To fly rockets.  SoAR have been launching continuously since then.  Today, SoAR sponsors at least two launches a month.  SoAR has an extensive outreach program where we introduce Boy & Girl Scouts, Religious Groups, Schools, and Civic Group to Rocketry and the sciences associated with Rocketry.  One of SoAR’s proudest achievement is seeding the NAR Section at the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Ga. (STAR – Society of Tellus Amateur Rocketeers).