Spectator Info

This applies to everyone, including spectators.

Thank you very much for reading the following site rules before you attend the 2022, NAR National Sport Launch. NAR safety rules will be in effect. Please be aware that any changes in field and/or weather conditions may create change launch operations so pay attention to all announcements at the field. The site rules listed below govern both spectators and participants in the launch.

By request of the landowners “sparky motors” cannot be flown at the NSL.

Site Rules:

Both flyers and spectators need to know that rocketry can be a dangerous activity. We have rules and procedures to help make this activity as safe for everyone as possible, but bad things can happen if the rules are not followed. Everyone, flyer or spectator, must understand and follow these rules to ensure safety:

  1. Pay Attention! Every flight is potentially dangerous to you and your family. If the Launch Control Officer (LCO) calls a model about to be flown a “Heads up!” flight, he/she means it! Stand up immediately, get out from under your canopy and locate the rocket that is about to be launched and be prepared to act if necessary.
  2. If You Hear…  After a model is launched, if you hear “Heads Up” over the PA system and/or an air horn blasting, it means that a rocket, or parts of it, are falling into the spectator/parking area. Stand up immediately, get out from under your canopy and scan the sky for the rocket and/or objects that are incoming. Make sure that you and the people near you are not under the falling object(s).
  3. Power Lines Kill! If your rocket ends up on a power line or inside the power station, do not try to recover the rocket. See registration for help arranging power company assistance in the retrieval of your model.
  4. Spectators and Flyers. Unless you are flying, you must remain behind the flight line. The area between the flight line and the first row of flyers’ canopies is the spectator viewing area unless otherwise designated. If you do not know what the flight line looks like, ask.
  5. Vehicle Use. Do not drive ATV’s, mopeds, bicycles, tricycles, etc., in the flyer/spectator area. Recovery of any model that lands on sod is by foot only. Vehicle use is restricted to the roads surrounding the sod.
  6. Parking. There will be parking reserved along the flight line for people who sign up for range duty. The volunteer reserved parking is of a first come, first serve basis. Please do not park in any areas designated for vendors or launch administration.
  7. Drive Slowly. When you approach the launch area, drive slowly. Minimize raising dust. Be watching for pedestrians and pets!
  8. Regarding Camping. Camping at the launch site is not permitted.
  9. Regarding Pets. All pets must be on a leash at all times unless they are kenneled.
  10. Know where your children are.
  11. Be sure your family and friends understand these rules.
  12. Please have a flight card for your flight filled out BEFORE arriving at the RSO table. All rockets will be inspected prior to going past the flight line.
  13. DO NOT drive any vehicles/mopeds/bicycles onto any of the fields. DO NOT block any of the access roads when parking.
  14. Please use only the provided toilet facilities (porta potties). Please do not throw any trash into the porta potties!
  15. This NSL will not have an on-site dumpster. ALL personal trash is to be packed out at the end of each day! What you Carry-in, you must Carry-out. Trash bags will be available for the taking at numerous locations at the launch site.